Awake Internet Protocols combine AI and FinTech to empower Decentralized Private Equity for the multiverse*.* Welcome to Awakened Value Co-creation aka AwakeVC.

An interconnected technology PaaS transforms cooperation into a globally scalable process of shared value co-creation. Awake is structured as an inter-network of portfolio companies, each an instantiation of the Venture Protocol. Apply to join as a Venture Partner.

What follows is a whirlwind tour of the Awake Multiverse.

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The Multiverse is Awake

This Awake Multiverse Primer is a compendium of design constraints, market realities, philosophy, and methodology that together combine to form the foundation for the ecosystem powered by Awake Internet Protocols.

If you read it all you may find a few things you had not considered before. You may get a glimpse of how Awake will manifest 10M startups and create 100M jobs by 2030. Or how Awake Internet Protocols comprehensively democratize tech investments through massively parallel entrepreneurship and next-generation venturetech.

Meta Reality



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