What is the World Wide Web? And what is Web3?

Inter Network

The Internet is already a base network that connects all other networks and allows them to communicate. This is based on HTTP or similar protocol, and was the original Internet.

Network Islands

However, instead of a global economy powered by a single Internet, we instead got all the big tech networks, the platform companies that fragmented the global inter-network into their own islands where they rule and dominate the world.


Along HTTP walled gardens and now

Meta Web

A meta network or a meta web to re-connect these fragmented networks back into a single whole. The MetaWeb Protocol allows entire networks to cooperate with each other through data sharing, and effectively leverages the original open design of the underlying Internet.

MetaWeb Protocol

The Internet had promised us many wondrous things, in particular a global village where anyone could connect into a shared economy, and everyone would prosper. It was promised that globalization and international trade would thrive, and all boats would lift. But this did not happen.
Now, we have a fresh chance to do things right by the people of the world, a new Inter-Network Protocol that includes everyone and leaves no one out.
This MetaWeb Protocol enables a functional Internet, a new inter-network powered by AI and FinTech, to drive value for all its members.

Age of Metaverses

Imagine the power of the MetaWeb Protocol when combined with a digital universe full of citizens and businesses that drive value for each other? Imagine the type of digital experience possible when all this is controlled programmatically inside a metaverse.
This decade is going to be the decade of metaverses, and businesses need to be ready. Those that do not prepare for this coming age will get left behind in a way that will make the present state of digital disruption seem like a mere walk in the park.

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