Welcome to the Future.

10M Tech Startups, 100M Jobs

The need of the hour is also the opportunity of the hour – a sustainable way to fix the world we live in, for ourselves, and for our future generations.

No more trying to predict the future, join us in inventing it. We are Awake.

The #FutureIsNow

The Internet is increasingly moving too fast for most traditional businesses to cope. Moreover, fundamental disruption is happening across all verticals. Entire industries are being upended by technology startups. Notable examples such as Uber and AirBnB are just the beginning.

Every industry across the world is falling, one by one by one.

AwakeVC is helping create platforms for the future.

Through joint ventures, partnerships, and new companies, we’re helping to restore the balance between old world capitalism, and the new and younger form of shared value created via co-creation. In the process, we’re shaping the future of jobs, marketplaces, currency, journalism and civic engagement, living, learning, food and farming, health, finance, and new media.

The Future is Now. Read more.

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