We already talked about money, and trust. A side effect of using a blockchain is that each entry in the ledger can be "moved" into any account (wallet), because a blockchain is basically a book of records, and can be thought about as a book of books.


Money is essentially fungible, meaning that a dollar is a dollar, doesn't matter which dollar.


Fiat currencies are created and controlled by governments (typically) and have nothing backing them, meaning that unlike the time when a US Dollar was backed by a bit of gold stored at the US Mint, there is nothing physical backing a dollar. It has value because the US government declares that it does, and that one can use it to pay their taxes (for instance).
A side effect of this private and centralized control of a currency is that the number of coins (or bills or tokens) can change when the government decides to print more of them. This inflation leads to a decline in the absolute value of each token, and thus is considered to be not a good thing.


Cryptocurrencies (or cyrpto) on the other hand are always of a limited quantity. This makes them more valuable as the economic activity denominated in it grows, and as inflation is not possible. Bitcoin was the first crypto, and even though it is not technologically efficient, it has souvenir value and will likely be traded for non-zero prices for considerable time.
To be clear, we do not think $100K price for BTC in the short to medium term is out of the question, but in the long term, we do not see value in this particular token.


The real value of crypto will come when organizations fractionalize real assets into tokens and use them as currencies. Similar to stock shares, these tokens represent real businesses and growing income, and can truly be classified as assets.
Crypto is here to stay, but the technology by itself is not what adds value. The real incremental value comes when the money acts in smart ways (not just digitally) and this intelligence depends on the use case and the network where the currency is used.


Blockchain and crypto form a natural solution to the problem of tracking value creation and recording who has it and also allows for transferring value from one user to another.
In this way, communities, value co-creation, and crypto may go hand-in-hand.

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