We now know what value is, and how it can be created.
A business is an organization whose purpose is to create value for itself and everyone involved in it. A characteristic of a good business is one that aims to maximize value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Of course, this implies one can track all stakeholders (identities) and businesses (networks) across the world (network of networks), can track their assets across a book of records aka ledger.


Main Street is simply a collection of all businesses whether B2B or B2C. Any region such as a county or a country is a collection of Main Street businesses, and certainly voting and elections depend on businesses aka the economy.


Jobs are created by businesses because they're able to make a profit, and they can scale the total profit by adding more creative capacity to their sell-side, they hire people to do so, and to also lead new business initiatives.
Businesses are thus engines of job creation and they produce profit by providing value to their customers.

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