So to model the world, we need an abstraction layer. We need something that can be used as a proxy for the universe, so that one may exert programmatic power over it. What is the world? It is where everything happens and everything is connected to it by virtue of belonging to that world.
So the world is a network that composes all the nodes (users and organizations and even things). To understand how things connect with each other, one needs to understand the workflow of activities and the various rituals involved in completing various activities and goals, across these networks, across nodes.

Network Protocols

This means networks define the interactions between nodes, and these rules become the law within those networks. This is the Network Protocol for that particular sub-universe, and is a very simple way to model complex compositions of nodes and networks.
And with the Internet (inter-network) we have a way to connect these sub-networks to each other, effectively creating a complete network of all other networks. This open Internet already exists, and we can use HTTP to tie everything together.

Business Networks

Having the world seamlessly integrated via a network-of-networks is the base foundation for all new network organizations that will now emerge from this fabric. This underlying meta network layer aka protocol empowers global B2B2C social market networks that act as new platforms for various businesses, industries, and organizations.

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