The world is moved by idealists and entrepreneurs. Idealists and philosophers start movements, entrepreneurs start businesses. The important thing is that one can rely on human nature and that given the opportunity to make a buck, most people would take it.

Profit Motive

The reason for the existence of business is to make profit. This desire to increase net worth is what is called profit motive. The existence of profit motive can be relied upon in most situations, and certainly in the case of business situations.

Risk versus Reward

More laws of nature: everyone wants to maximize their gain and everyone wants to minimize their downside. People will go to great lengths to avoid losses, but will take great risks to make higher rewards.
Fear and greed are base human emotions and human nature can be relied upon, that is the nature of

The Invisible Hand

Another way to reference the profit motive is using the phrase "the invisible hand". Coined by Adam Smith in 1759 in his book The Theory of Moral Sentiments, it refers to the good that comes of people acting in self-interest.
This good is of the kind that comes from empowering others to co-create value with still more people. One can rely upon the invisible hand guiding the activity of human beings.


on the Internet are the smartest entrepreneurs in many ways, they have no capital investments, no inventory, and get paid in real time, and have no support or marketing costs. Sounds like a sweet gig!
Coselling becomes the first and most convenient way for most people to break into entrepreneurship on the Internet, in fact they do not need to sell in order to make sales happen. #NoSelling

Network Operators

And when entrepreneurs want to graduate into full blown Internet platforms of their own, they switch to Network Operator mode and organize networks full of vendors selling products and services alongside cosellers that are influencers in that category of business.
Network Operators are the upsized entrepreneurs you may hear about in the news, they often build empires through interconnecting their business associates and other networks across to each other so everyone co-creates incremental value.
At Internet scale, the network-of network effect snowballs into a lot of value for everyone.

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