Google owes its success to many things, among which are PageRank and Map/Reduce.


The PageRank algorithm is a key secret sauce of the Google search engine rankings, making it the best in the world, enabling efficient search which changed the paradigm of how people thought and indexed information.
The second accelerator was Map/Reduce, a framework that let Google leverage massively parallel distributed computing to crunch data, allowing it to actually implement the algorithms quickly and efficiently. We'll discuss Awake's version of as well.


Just like Google PageRank is able to show the relevance of any page on the Internet for a particular search query, the Awake SaleRank algorithm is able to identify the exact Internet users that influenced a particular sale on the Internet, in what order, and how much. This is multi-touch attribution for the Internet.
With Awake SaleRank, businesses can use pure performance marketing to drive results across their networks, both on the supply chain side, as well as on the sales side.
SaleRank gives Awake the same type of AI-advantage that PageRank gave to Google. It allows Awake or any other investor to use global coseller networks to drive sales, giving companies non-linear market advantage compared to competitors that are limited to pre-paid marketing that does not guarantee sales.

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