Awake started in retail because the MetaWeb can provide an immediate monetization solution for so many Internet users (Identity) and to Business of all types struggling online today. What is the future of retail? How does Awake design protocols to support this new world?

Modern Market Networks

A few key design insights as the world moves from stores to malls to actual social commerce via market networks (Market Network):

Media Reliably Drives Commerce

This one is fairly obvious as we are bombarded with advertisements and aspirational messages through product placement and so on. If no one knows of your product, they won’t be buying it.

On the Internet, all forms of media are incredibly cheap to create and thus the content explosion over the past few decades, which will now accelerate at a pace unseen before as billions of more people join the global Internet economy. Content drives engagement and community which then reliably drives commerce.

And remember the keystone: all digital content online is HTTP content.

Influencers Drive Online / Offline Commerce

Whether we like marketers or not, it is a fact that Internet influencers play a role driving sales online. In the Internet 3.0 economy, content is king again, and influencers are high priests of content-driven commerce, driving incremental orders to both online and offline retailers and brands.

Buyers Not Sellers

Instead of taking a sell side view of the world, where sellers are attempting to close leads and targets, why not see the world as it is: purchases happen when buyers decide they're ready.

Direct To Consumer = Community Commerce

So to build a brand and create a DTC business is as simple as creating a platform for the extended community and including sellers as members. A Market automatically emerges in the midst of Communities when all the necessary conditions are met. This includes ease of doing transactions and a mechanism to share Value with all contributing members using fair and transparent Attribution.

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