Beyond our theories and frameworks to model the world using Protocols and other mechanisms, there is one thing that is not explicitly modeled into software: the fact that nature exists, and processes, reactions, and outcomes are dependent on the inherent nature of the actors in question.

This provides a key guarantee that is required for prediction models to work - that if the same thing were to happen again, the outcome would be the same or similar. This is the notion of gaining experience (captured as knowledge) and applied later on using a decision making framework.


So the notion of repeatability is an important one, and without basic repetition within all levels of the universe, data and predictions have no value. We rely on these axioms, we rely on the nature of things, and indeed we rely on nature itself to be the overall runtime environment where all members of the Network may thrive.


What are the other fundamental truths that one can rely upon? A few come to mind: that individuals act in a self-interested manner. That collectives are nature's way to create strength through unity. That there is an overarching intelligence factor that can be relied upon when humans are involved in decision making. They predictably climb their way up Maslow's hierarchy, and then look for purpose and self-actualization.

Specific axioms are aspects of nature and can be relied upon to provide repeatability.


We've already discussed how each node in any Network has an Identity of its own.

Each individual on the planet is attached to their own identity and act in their own self-interest. This can take a few forms, but in particular fame and fortune are the easiest to measure and most widely accepted. Of course, fortune can be used to buy fame and famous people can leverage their networks to make a fortune. All other abstract emotions such as love and greed and fear are also basic drivers propelling all human actors towards various goals.

Regardless of what the ultimate use is for the accumulated money and fame, one can rely on the fundamental ego principle that drives individuals into taking any action. In that way, Awake is focused on creating seamless commerce where everyone fits naturally and thrives in their own way. One may also call it organic commerce.


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