Inter Blockchain
Inter Blockchain

Inter Blockchain

There is this notion of vendor lock-in where because of the complexity and cost of migrating from one software system to another, businesses decide to just stick with their existing solutions, giving up innovation and settling for less.

Semi DAOs

The blockchain is an abstraction, and it should be treated that way. Businesses should view this new technology as just that, and not as anything to build into their business. It is critical that businesses understand how decentralization and blockchain affects their industry and their bottomline, and appropriately balance between full and semi-autonomous organizations.

Cross Chain

There are so many blockchains out there already, and given the need to navigate private and public chains, as well as different types of chains, it is critically important to remain at agnostic of any specific chain.
For clarity: Internet businesses that want to scale and grow fast need to be blockchain compatible and indeed, be compatible with any and all blockchains. Inter-Blockchain Communication becomes a critically important aspect of the technology fabric of the future.

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