As we’ve seen so far, to create an ecosystem is to design and build an interconnected network of enterprises that perform complementary functions which are provided to each other as well as to external customers.

The Awake stack comprises of the following layers:

    [  **Internet Brands**                     ]

    [  **Awake Networks**                   ]

    [  **Awake Cosellers**                    ]

    [  **Awake Protocols**                    ]

    [  **Blockchain Networks**            ]

    [  **Opentangle Inter-Network**  ]

    [  **HTTP**                                         ]

    [  **ISP**                                              ]

The Web2.5 Ladder: How Awake empowers Web3 for Corporates.

A Tale of Facilitators

While the BankFac acts as a universal programmatic treasury, essentially a central bank for the Internet, the ComFac and CapFac interconnect via the natural process of Value Creation.


Together these three components form the Awake Value Co-creation Engine that empowers the new digital economy we call Internet 3.0.

The Ecosystem is Awake

Awake uses a set of FinTech / AI platforms that reconfigures digital media and commerce across the Internet. Awake has created a Universal Meta Network for interconnected B2B2C Markets, allowing anyone to plug in and co-create value for themselves and respective communities, in any category of business.

Core Business Protocols

The essence of any business is the customer, or the prosumer in the case of the new Internet 3.0.

Prosumers and cosellers interact and trade with each other on the Market. Profits and investments form part of the loop around the core business, as a regenerative loop sets up a virtuous cycle that benefits the whole ecosystem.

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