The quick way to get started with Awake, and to launch your own Social Market Network.


An Awake Market Network represents the self-generative protocol of the free market, and it spreads on the Internet using economic incentives. The underlying technology perfectly tracks value attribution across all users of the Internet, across all platforms of the Internet, in real-time.

Awake turns anyone anywhere into an affiliate who gets paid for influence that leads up to a sale. Awake Market Networks can settle multi-party real-world transactions in t-zero time.

These properties fundamentally alter the cost dynamics of launching and scaling a business, now that anyone can be powered with a global digital marketing and digital sales force that gets paid with real-time commissions.

The trouble with marketing they say is that it only works half the time, and that one does not know which half. The story is far worse at 1% on average when told by e-commerce conversion rates. Despite how incredibly expensive it is to market B2C products and services with Facebook and Google ads, overall conversion rates remain abysmal. And so far the reason for this status quo is simply TINA: there is no alternative.

Costs aside, is there even the possibility of a more consistent way to drive sales? There is now. Awake Market Networks are able to identify the exact path of influence across the Internet that led to any specific sale.

This makes it possible to only pay for actual sales and specific influence, rather than ineffective marketing across various Internet platforms. This fundamentally alters the P&L of the business, immediately, as well as when it scales globally, turning it into a perpetual motion network, once it gets going.

Awake is monetizing this fundamental unwinding of platform arbitrage through an ecosystem of interconnected platforms, each an Awake Market Network. Awake is able to turn early stage investing into an AI-powered fintech-driven process of 0 to 1 to 100.


The Internet is increasingly moving too fast for most traditional businesses to cope. Moreover, fundamental disruption is happening across all verticals. Entire industries are being upended by technology startups. Notable examples such as Uber, AirBnB, and DoorDash are just the beginning.

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