Init is the beginning.

As a startup accelerator program, Init focuses on super early stage companies. Embryos. There is a better way to create value within the startup ecosystem.

Init is that.

Universities and Init

Init works from within, across, and around university campuses around the world. There is a special talent inside young minds, and Init facilitates the blossoming of that potential through a structured process and approach to startup building.

Awake is creating a global super-structure as a platform, on which Experiment->Company->Value is a hyper-iterative learning process that gets more and more efficient.

Init plugs this young talent into the overall AwakeVC flow.

Initializing Init

Cohort Zero is in prep mode. We have an identified set of ventures that we are looking to kick off. Broadly, you can apply either as a team, or as an individual. We will match you into an existing team.

Ideal skill set includes an intense desire and ability to learn fast, an aggressively optimistic attitude, and the understanding of the risks involved in startups. You should want to have fun, while challenging yourself beyond what you thought possible. You should know how to code and create applications and/or websites that the world might want to use… and any amount of other tech skills would be obvious bonuses.

If you’re non-technical, then you should be ready to sell. (You should be ready to sell any way). Or help with the selling process. Identifying and talking to customers, real and potential. Run operations. Do whatever it takes. Build value.

Apply to participate.

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