Starting with an overview of the key components of the coming decentralized Internet, Awake shows ways through which traditional businesses can approach and apply themselves to the Web3 opportunity.


The future of the Internet is democratic and transparent empowering new business models based on open and trust-based networks facilitated by brands and organizations. Ultimately, Web3 enables complete decentralization of value creation, and allows for a new form of unbundling and rebundling to occur.

But how to get there from here?

Prosumers and Cosellers

Valuing people as people is a big first step in how businesses view their markets. Consumers move from being naive and willing to ranging from proactive to activist. Ultimately all people are both buyers and sellers and this mid-way persona is a prosumer.

Businesses will deal with prosumers and not consumers. Cosellers are a new form of prosumer that help business on the demand-side.

Transparency and Authenticity

Prosumers and cosellers demand they be treated like partners in the business because they participate in value creation with each other.

The coming Internet values authenticity and uniqueness over mass production and corporate single and double speak. Cosellers and communities will play a big part in defining brands.

Regenerative Economics

A brand is really the community that believes in the product and in the culture of the business and supports it by buying their products and services and by promoting it to their networks. The best brands create a win-win dynamic across the whole extended market network and has multiple channels and hundreds or thousands of advocates.

On the new Internet the top businesses will attract millions of cosellers.

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