Angels and Awake

Awake was born within the minds of successful technology entrepreneurs. And from the recognition that despite being successful serial entrepreneurs, we can do far better when it comes to angel investing specifically, and early-stage in general.

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So, let’s get started. Here are a few key observations:

1. Honestly, angel performance can be better!

What gives? We know how to run companies, we’ve done them before, how come when it translates to writing a check, we don’t have the same stats? If our own success rate is, say 50%, or even 25%, how come angel investing is such a crapshoot?

There is a better way.

2. Terrible visibility, no control!

A big contributing factor to this generally poor state of affairs is that we have very little visibility into the business once we write that check – occasional (or even regular) meetings or updates aren’t that useful. There’s a very limited feedback loop here – and so data-driven changes are hard to actually make happen from the traditional angel-investor distance.

There is a better approach.

3. Wasted entrepreneurial talent globally!

We don’t know everyone, so our funnel is limited. However, there are obviously smart, entrepreneurial folks around the world, there’s got to be a better way to access those folks, and perhaps plug them into our investments?

It is possible.

4. The broken system of startup “advisors”!

What have advisors ever done? I mean sure, that one time.

Generally speaking, this is a huge and utterly wasted resource. There’s got to be a better way to harness senior people around the world in a structured, useful manner.

There is a better way.

5. Random processes, relearning of lessons!

Why are most early-stage companies not using a properly defined process for finding product-market fit in the most efficient, data-driven manner? When things are not tracked properly, and data itself is missing, and/or duplicated and/or not-integrated, then you can’t run a data-driven company. That’s inefficient.

And why relearn so many different lessons each time, across all functions: tech, product, sales, marketing, hiring … I mean, really?!

There is a smarter, more cohesive approach.

6. Re-rolling the same tech over and over!

Even the technology – every modern Internet business probably has 80% common with every other such business – and the 20% difference comes from their domain. Give or take.

So why isn’t there much higher level abstraction on which to build these modern businesses?

We’re building something better.

7. Lessons learned and applied by different characters!

And even though we can draw many inferences from the patterns we see across the industry, we’re not the founders! So unless the founders themselves are also learning these lessons the same way, they will continue to be the same stats …

The founders and angels/observers must unite for better outcomes.

This is why Awake.

8. Accelerators and studios haven’t really fixed it!

Other than YC back in the day, there’s been no significant innovation in how we build early-stage companies. Surely, there’s a better way! In other words, this opportunity is still open …

AwakeVC is something new: Awake Value Co-Creation, Inc.

Something new, something magical. Born in the recognition that if we do the same things we always did, we can expect the same results.

9. No exchange of data/strategy across portfolios!

Why build companies in isolation, when they can be built with seamless technology, that seamlessly creates One big learning organization? By re-imagining the organization of the future itself, the changes needed are being manifested. This new world is an interconnected, interdependent whole.

Powered by tech, powered by community and ecosystems.

10. Why doesn’t someone build some tooling?

Instead of hoping, we’re building it here –

CoVentureCap, an Angel for Angels

Instead of trying to predict the future with our investments, Awake helps invent the future.

We’re co-creating new platforms for the future of the Internet – across work, life, and play. Our aim is to co-create about 20 to 30 companies a year, and we can do this by leveraging the same common struts across the ecosystem. In the future, we see 1000+ companies being created on the platform each year.

AwakeOS makes things easier, faster, cheaper to make things people want.

Ask to learn about our first wave of startups. A new tree is growing, join CoVentureCap, and join the smarter way to change the world. Together.

A new orchard of venture trees is being planted, join now!
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