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Amit Rathore is a 41 year old serial entrepreneur and angel investor based in San Mateo, CA. Since 2003 he has focused on AI, media, commerce, and FinTech verticals.

He is the founder of AwakeVC, a private equity holdings company focused on creating 100M jobs by enabling 10M new technology ventures globally.

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Connecting the dots:

In 2008, Amit designed and ran a large scale AI called Runa, which was an “Amazon-AI -as-a-Service” for all online retailers of all sizes. By the time Runa was acquired by Staples in 2013, it was powering eBay, Groupon, Staples, and many others around the world. Amit was appointed VP Global e-Commerce and was tasked with applying AI across $30B+ of annual sales.

In fall of 2014, Amit left to start Quintype, a large scale AI that powers the likes of Fortune and Bloomberg. Today it powers billions of monthly page views and social interactions across the Internet, and is projected to cross 500M shoppers in 2021, on the way to 2B shoppers by 2024. Today Quintype has 120 employees.

In early 2019, Amit started AwakeVC, or Awakened Value Co-creation, a tech-enabled PE firm based on the design of a new unique AI innovation called Opentangle, which creates the largest arbitrage opportunity the world has ever seen, in every single industry that leverages commissions-driven multi-channel distribution and sales. Awake harnesses this energy by manifesting an ecosystem of interconnected platforms for the future of work, life, and play, enabling modern consumption – a $100T market globally.

All of “Big Tech” has been built on top of the fact that no one can track attribution across internet platforms. Five such companies are now worth nearly $5T. When you suddenly change the very underlying assumptions, it produces an incredible opportunity to create (and lose) wealth.

Awake Market, aka Shoptype, applies this groundbreaking approach to seeing attribution of influencers across all platforms of the internet, thereby turning the whole online world into a single free market, controlled programmatically. Shoptype is going live in July 2020 with brands across verticals such as alcohol, cannabis, wellness, beauty, fashion, financial services, and others.

Opentangle represents the single most impactful change (in terms of delta in USD) to digital commerce including the arrival of HTTP and the World Wide Web, Google’s PageRank algorithm, and more recently the public blockchain. Opentangle is beyond blockchain and DAGs, representing quantum untangling of data and intelligence, giving rise to the possibility of knowledge.

Awake and Opentangle represent an entirely new paradigm of commerce.

Amit is a LISPer and wrote Clojure in Action in 2011. During this time, in 2012, Amit sold his first AI/ML business to a big five consulting firm.

In his non-existent spare time, Amit is writing two new books: Reaggregation, on the (re-)creation of a New Internet and the Rise of Conscious Capitalism, and iRealization – describing Amit’s process of meditation and awakening.

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