Creator Limited is Creators Unlimited

Awake has long been talking about the power of individual creators, the passionate ones to inspire movements with their words, their music, their paintings and sculpture, indeed their very creations. We see a future of abundance where art is prized and artists are patronized, we see a world where people have time to smell the roses and to engage in communities of shared interests, shared values, and indeed entirely shared economies.

Welcome to the age of interconnected communities driven by visionary artists, philosophers, and entrepreneurs!

BTW before we proceed, you should know what folks mean when they talk about the Creator Economy, and this article below by SignalFire is a great resource for that. Do take a read!

A great primer on the Creator Economy?


And yes, that article above is a good one to read fully; for now, here are the key take aways.

Revenue Streams

There are several ways for creators to monetize their content today, including the following popular methods:

  • Advertising revenue shares
  • Sponsored content
  • Product placement
  • Tipping
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Digital content sales
  • Merchandise
  • Shout-outs
  • Live and virtual events
  • VIP meetups
  • Fan clubs

And to aid with these (mostly traditional) methods of making money using digital media, here is today’s state of the art with respect to the creator economy:

Layer 1: Content Tools

Everything on the Internet is digital media, and now with NFTs, digital media can also reflect the real world. Having said that, the first wave of content creation tools were the core graphics and video platforms of Internet lore – YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook Live, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Medium, Twitter, Quora, Substack, and others in the vein.

Layer 2: Influencer Marketing

Liaising between brands on the one side, and influencers / creators on the other, a whole new class of platforms have emerged over the past few years, that help monetize creators’ online reach. These include traditional agencies who now focus on influencer marketing, as well as tech platforms that act as marketplaces for brands to find influencers and to manage their marketing campaigns.

However, as can be expected, as influencers realize they can use their online reach to drive the sale of products and services, the best ones, and certainly the most entrepreneurial ones, will begin to launch their own brands and businesses.

Layer 3: Creator Businesses

And now to a most exciting future we can’t help feel giddy about, the oncoming empowerment of the creator universe. Artists and their fans will transform into global economic movements that create incredibly powerful brands. AwakeVC is looking to power this shift with technology, with intellectual, social, and smart capital, and with community-driven mass organization of this new emerging market.

Creator Limited

So Creator Limited is a broad umbrella platform that represents the unlimited potential of the creator economy, where anyone can launch a sustainable business, as long as there are underlying cash flows to support the activity.

Creator Enterprises

We’re pro business and we’re pro creators, we just think it’s incredibly important to also ensure your creator business is a viable business, and we help in reaching viability and to break past and thrive.

Creator Enterprises is a quick and easy way to get incorporated as a creator business, and to drive sales and profits using a community-powered media-driven approach that works across the Internet.

Creator Army

Join the Creator Army! A global community-powered media-driven market network that allows creators to engage with each other, with their fans, and indeed with the broader world and markets.

Creator Army is the focused social media market network for global creators and creator businesses, get in line to join! Get in line, email us at

Creator Construction

Digital worlds need digital construction, we welcome all creators who need digital platforms and apps, Creator Construction is a wonderful way to co-create products and services needed by creator businesses the world over. Reach out today to see if you can have something built to, email

Creator College

A single platform to find everything you need to learn digital arts and to become a thriving creator will be made available at Creator College, stay tuned, we’re assembling an all star crew of top entrepreneurial creators and trainers.

Creator Investments

Awake is bullish on the creator, on the Creator Economy, and we’re investing in digital art of all kinds, and pushing the boundary on immersive and experiential art across VR and AR and all manner of new media.

Creator Systems

Awake is the intersection of philosophy, art, and technology, a type of cross between a digital Cirque du Soleil and Xerox PARC, and we’re inventing and investing in multiple tech businesses that empower and transform creator businesses, while being creator-led themselves.

Creators Unlimited

So let’s get started, here we go! Reach out to to explore incorporating your creator business with Awake, powered by global collaboration, community, and commerce.

To the Creators of the Universe: our time is now. πŸš€ Reach out at

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