From Quintype to WokePress

When I started Quintype in September of 2014 (here’s a wayback blast from the past: original Q website), it was to create a better media landscape. My foundational ethos for Quintype was (and from am aspirational perspective, it still is) the freedom of the press, a freedom that has its foundation in financial independence, so journalists and content creators may create a livelihood that sustains them, their families, and their profession.

While Quintype has mostly meandered over the past few years with limited innovation, the world has embraced headless CMS, something which was new when we first launched it. Since then, many notable and highly respectable content stacks have entered the market, including the likes of Webflow.

And heck, even WordPress has gotten infinitely better. The landscape is increasingly superior, and yet is also worse than before, given all the options and part functionality available across so many tools and services.

So despite the presence of Quintype, Webflow, WordPress and the like, in 2021 the media tech landscape is still totally fragmented and entirely broken.

Amit Rathore, AwakeVC
Fragmented Media-Tech Ecosystem

And what is worse, is that the advertising dollars have all but disappeared into the endless pits of Facebook and Google treasuries. What is the future of media?

Monetization Challenges from “Big Tech”

Luckily, forward thinkers such as A16Z are showing the way forward.

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We have also written about how we see the world, and working together has a lot to do with things.

Three Steps to Awakening

So here then is our simple three step plan to get us where we need to go, we need a new platform that can create sustainable media startups, that are not just financially independent but vibrant. And so we start with the first step: an integrated technology architecture that allows for a seamless digital experience.

Step One

Get the Basics Right

WokePress begins with a core digital architecture that lays the foundation of the new media business, with advertising model and subscriptions being only one set of opportunities for monetization.

Step Two

Add the 🧙🏼‍♀️Secret Potion 🧪of Monetization💰 🦄

In order to take on the challenges of today’s Big Tech domination of the Internet, one needs new technology and capabilities. And this technology must be seamlessly integrated with the business fabric of Internet companies.

Step Three

Connect with the Interconnectedness

🧘‍♂️The WokePress Sutra connects all networks ☸️ bringing efficiency of common everything to all media networks on the WokePress Platform.

New Dawn ☀️

After Awakening, the fresh day is seen. A new world is created when everyone is connected to everyone else, without any friction and without any walled gardens. A new world economy is enabled to co-create itself, a global bootstrap that creates a universal mind, and a global action network that monetizes it’s own presence and value.

From WordPress to Quintype to WokePress

WokePress is powered by the digital Inter-Network of Networks 🌎 ⚛️

When everything connects to everyting else, something else entirely begins to happen ⚡️⛈🌪

A Thousand Gardens

When I started Quintype, we were recruiting for a future we could be proud of, and “May a thousand flowers bloom”, I had said. Today, the need is far greater. Today we need a new world composed of open gardens that interconnect humanity into a common consciousness, one that serves us all, one that enables us all.

We announce this new platform with the launch of WokePress Ventures, an accelerator for new media networks. Apply today, and launch 🚀

We’re inviting all types of media startups across news, entertainment, gaming, audio, video, educational, virtual, financial, crypto, industrial, trade, and everything in between. Reach out, let’s co-create value.


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