ORGtype and A-OKRs

Awake is built on seeing things differently.

Awake does things differently, and does different things. Don’t ask us, ask anyone working at Awake. We’re launching Awake Careers shortly, a new way to engage with potential associates, employees, employers, and the like. We’ll also be announcing Awake University, a platform that allows us to ensure Awake is a learning and training organization, as well as to engage with folks outside the Awake network of companies.

But today, we’re going to discuss ORGtype, a more fundamental abstraction at Awake, which works alongside other key innovations and reorganization of work flows and processes.


Rather than writing it up again here on this blog post, you might just read it here:

The most up to date version of ORGtype can always be found here –

So as you can now see, the reason we are reorganizing human capital is because the whole system is designed with humans at the center, not designed to keep the corporation at the center. So in that sense, ORGtype is an unmodel, because it is a model that very much is based on what it should not be.

So we also define a few broad types of enagement models for our human partners. The super flexible work arrangements mean that Awake can work with folks in a lot of situations.

Awake Associate

The most elemental way of working in an Awake portfolio company, an Awake Associate is can be a regular employee of these companies, or more often than not, is the individual sole proprietorship or corporation.

Awake Associates are a cross between the emergent gig economy, the salient knowledge economy, and the coming creator and entrepreneurship economies.

Depending on their time allocation, an Awake Associate can span from A1 to A3, with levels L1 to L7 and more as needed.

Awake CEO

An Awake CEO is a special person. She is often a sales leader, more often than not with a strong dose of marketing experience. Many of the best are technical operators who have founded, run, and scaled large companies from scratch.

Despite the relatively standard job function of the chief executive, being an Awake CEO can be challenging. Awake runs a peer group for the leadership of every portfolio company, and it is open to others from the outside as well: Awake CEO, launching publicly in the coming months.

Awake Fellow

Like distinguished IBM Fellows, we at Awake invite amazing entrepreneurs and investors to be Awake Fellows ​and help across our companies and CEOs and management teams. It’s exciting to co-create value and co-create impact with leaders from all over the world. 🚀

Awake OKRs

Objectives and Key Results are an incredibly powerful way to drive outcomes and calibrate by learning and allows triangulation towards success. Awake adds to the basic process using a process and framework that ties direct actions of individuals to directly measurable throughput measures for the organization.

ORGtype is a framework and a platform that allows network organizations to manage people operations to great effect. Each person in the ORGtype network is able to log in, access People Operations, and manage their career within the network of participating organizations.

The dashboards show goals and KPIs as defined by the organizations, and also sees their own portfolio of cashflows and equity across all roles they plays across all companies they’re associated with.


ORGtype was designed and launched in anticipation of the coming wave of virtual companies. The digital wave is not just here, but has engulfed us this past year, 2020 the year of digital, and 2021 the beginning of the post-digital life.

The future of work is the virtual corporation, and AwakeCorp is heading towards enabling that very future. We will speak more about AwakeCorp in the coming months.

Awake University

And to help folks gather their wits about them, and to help them navigate this new universe, we’re launching Awake University. Not only will we dabble in the arts of all things Awake, but also will curate top learning opportunities from around the world. Coming soon!

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