The Power of She

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have met some incredible women entrepreneurs, in some cases, I was lucky enough to also have invested in their companies. Stellar examples are in the form of along with the founding duo Jill Koziol and Liz Tenety, as well as Sheroes and its fearless leader Sairee Chahal.

Since then, we’ve worked with and invested in several more amazing women-led businesses, and we’re getting ready for a lot more!

In this year of 2021, during the Women History Month, we’re pleased to announce She.Financial, a global network of entrepreneurial women, their Awake Networks, and the platform itself which composes several key components for global social commerce, as well financing for the top brands and companies within the network.

More importantly, this is a group of driven women who are able to create an ecosystem amongst themselves, powered by technology, united in their common goal of achieving goals. She.Financial is able to instantly enable global value co-creation for any business in the network, or any entrepreneur that wants to get started.

Awake technology creates a cohesive business ecosystem where companies can connect, leverage each other to sell more products/services to more customers/partners, as well as directly buy/sell from each other, not to mention collaborate on strategy, improvements to common infrastructure, and more.

Beyond Vision 2020

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met more amazing women entrepreneurs since we got started down this journey. 2020 has come and gone, and not enough has changed. We’re working with amazing businesses every day, helping drive technology adoption as well as helping distribute products and services.

The She Network is able to tap into hundreds of millions of cosellers around the world, and drive sales and profits for everyone connected to the network.

Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions

So what happens as we scale the first order She Network, which of course refers to the commerce facilitator function of the network. As the volumes grow and more businesses are connected into the system, the second order becomes viable, this is the financing of the first order network. This includes debt and equity and other creative instruments.

So as we continue to launch new businesses and enable existing ones, we’re inviting you to join us! We’re looking across verticals – financial services, fashion, auto, health and wellness, food, personal development and spirituality, travel, real-estate, and many others.

Reach out today!

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