Introducing Clubhouse.Kim

Hi everyone, meet Kim Richards, she spent her young life as researcher, and now feels that Clubhouse is where it’s at. We’re excited about her idea for the first curated media market network built on top of Clubhouse, and we were intrigued.

We don’t know where Clubhouse is headed, it certainly seems to be a big deal based on everything we’re hearing, no pun intended. We do agree on the importance of the medium though, the spoken word, the auditory sense of understanding and knowing and relating to another voice, definitely tapping into a human sense of being. We’re in.

When we first met her, it felt like Kim Richards was really multiple personalities rolled into one. She’s got a unique background, she’s spent years doing research in cognitive psychology, studying how the consumer Internet affects user behavior. Among the other 25 things she loves to do and share, this new obsession on the spoken word has become a prime thing with her. As she went through her (strange and wonderful) plans for Clubhouse Kim, she kept quoting herself by repeating “this sharing economy thing has legs”.

We quite agree.

So here we go, our first foray into Clubhouse, an Awake Social Media Market Network for this cool new audio-first platform.


Where Clubhouse is focused on social networking, Kim is social marketing and social selling.


Where Clubhouse focuses on ephemeral audio streams, Kim is about collecting and organizing resources for the community and for various rooms, for before, during, and after those Clubhouse sessions.


Where Clubhouse focuses on the coming together of people to talk and listen and engage in dialog, Kim lets folks put money where their mouth is. Clubhouse Kim is the market network for Clubhouse.


And Clubhouse Kim is itself a network of room moderators, Internet marketers and Awake Cosellers, as well as digital media experts and social selling gurus. Join the network!

PS – Are you looking for a Clubhouse invite?

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