Solving The Attribution Problem

Folks have been asking, particularly over the past month, what the Awake fuss is all about.

They read several blog articles on here, and for about 50% of the readers, their eyes light up, their minds explode 🤯, and they become Awake. For a lot of folks, the recent post on the holy grail of digital marketing is enough to start figuring out what Awake means to their business.

Many of these folks are now working on their Awake Networks, all launching soon. What’s an Awake Network? An example is Veed, a B2B2C network that constitutes a mesh market for legal cannabis industry, starting in the United States, and already licensing in other countries.

What else is Veed? The world’s largest salesforce in the cannabis market, join here.

Cannabis – The Future is Now

So how do we do it?

Awake Networks

The magic is in Shoptype.

Here are some quick videos of not just our Internet Market Protocol in action, but also of a few other key protocols: Awake Me, the Internet Identity Protocol, you will see Awake Money, the currency protocol, and also the Internet Coseller Protocol in action itself.

Hope that helped!

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