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Why is Big Tech called Big Tech?

That’s a trick question, what I really meant to ask is: what made Big Tech so big?

Network Effects

What’s in a network? Whether we talk of a social network, a media network, a payment network, even a delivery network, what makes networks special? Everyone talks about the law of big numbers, but what is special about the network?

I do not need to rewrite all that the fine folks at NFX have already written. The link below is pure gold, and if you are looking to truly get a solid grounding and vocabulary to speak about networks, then this is a must read.

NFX on network effects.

Moving on, it is needless to mention that Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon (#FAGA) are the world’s largest networks, having split the One Internet into their own kingdoms, and of course, none of these companies like to share data even with their own users, much less with each other.

And so instead of the Age of the Internet, we got the Age of Big Tech, because these companies essentially weaponized the Internet, aka hijacked it for themselves, keeping as much as possible for themselves instead of keeping as little as possible, and enabling everyone else.

We’ve written about why we couldn’t accept those state of affairs, and why we created Shoptype.

So today, we want to show you something special, and it has to do with The Attribution Problem.

The Attribution Problem

The attribution problem has to do with marketing spend, and tracing the efficacy of such media buying. To be specific, buyers traverse a customer journey and buy once they have gone through the process of becoming aware of the brand / product / service, to engaging with it, and to finally purchasing it.

This journey is not traceable across the Internet easily, because the various Internet platforms do not share data about their networks with the outside world. Thus, no business is quite able to see a single view of the customer, much less understand who came from where, and who might need to be paid what to compensate them appopriately.

But what if we could know that information?

What if we could see exactly who it was that was helping us drive our sales and thus our business?

Not in general terms, like Facebook traffic helps more than Twitter, or whatever nuanced version of such generality, but in actual specificity – who are the human beings on the Internet that are helping drive your business?

What if we could see this data across all Internet platforms, including the likes of Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon? The same #FAGA crowd that we think of as Big Tech?

What if we leveraged the power of the Internet, and made a new type of network that in fact worked like The Actual Internet?

What would happen if the invisible hand were suddenly visible? What would happen if the strings were seen?

The Holy Grail

What would happen if the Internet were to revert to being an open and democratic free market where any agent could promote anyone else’s business, and earn a portion of the profits that arise in process of making sales happen?

What if wealth creation were as simple as knowledge creation?

What if by knowing people and knowing products, and offering this knowledge to others, you could make a living? What would happen if you employed millions of such people in participative networks that redefined what it meant to do business online?

Wouldn’t we redefine social commerce itself?


And so here it comes, ba da bum! 🥁

Shoptype is a Universal Market Network, powered by an underlying protocol called the Awake Market Network Protocol. Anyone can become a member of Shoptype, and find products around the Internet that also part of this global network.

There are dozens of vertical market networks being launched in multiple countries around the world, we’ve alluded to some in the past here and here.

What would happen if people from all around the world could work alongside each other with perfect safety and freedom? And if all could earn a portion of sales, up to 20% to 30% and even higher, from each and every sale that they influence … this changes how the Internet is leveraged by human beings, from the situation today where human beings are leveraged by the Internet (companies).

But most of all, what would happen to brands who were suddenly freed from the confines of prepaid marketing, and could tell their stories with authentic vigor, knowing that their believers would automatically benefit from supporting their cause online?

For instance, here’s an application in the wine & spirits world, despite regulatory and licensing constraints, Awake / Shoptype is able to create electronic market networks that work on top of existing legal constraints and the regular Internet.

What would happen when digital media became 100% trackable, and 100% shoppable?

Welcome to a new Internet, where the underlying magic is available to everyone.

The Power of The Actual Internet, for Everyone to See ☀️

Launch Your Own Network, powered by The Actual Internet.

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