The Second Acquisition

Awake has been growing, and growing fast! Looked at a certain way, one may (rightly) conclude that we are an engineering-led organization. We certainly think about technical issues a lot, and we definitely think through them before making build vs. buy decisions.

No one wants integration nightmares, after all.

Just as with Awake’s first acquisition (we were customers of WRU for years before tying the knot in 2019), we were in courtship for several months with Edulyx.

Learning Organizations

The holy grail of corporate strategy is an autonomous learning organization. Imagine a corporation quickly exploring all adjacent space for customer satisfaction and opportunities for value co-creation. Imagine companies quickly building out regenerative business units that sustain themselves and make their interdependent units more efficient, and drive increased cash flows across the organization.

Being open to learning then is a foundational component of intelligence and profitability.

Consequently, so is being teachable.

Training Organizations

To become a learning organization, one has to embrace the do-measure-adjust loop. Experience is a great teacher.

If experience was the only way one could learn, one would know very few things indeed. And it would take an organization a very long time to become experienced at all the things it needs at any time. Luckily, one can bring in outside experts for certain specialized tasks. For the rest, there’s training.

Experiential learning is effective, but slow and expensive, and thus must be augmented with simulated experience aka AI, as well as traditional training, both online and in person.

Awake University

And so Awake is really a training organization as well, teaching this new way of being to all that come in contact with us, and particularly those that lead Awake networks.

Awake University then is a global university for all sorts of life skills, starting with entrepreneurship, leadership, management, and related categories.

Veed Academy

And many Awake networks are themselves teaching organizations, disseminating their own way of doing business to all co-creators that come within their fold. Veed Academy is one such avenue where anyone who wishes to become an apprentice and learn the cannabis trade across various supply lines, may sign up and do so.

Awake Training

And so we needed to build out the Awake Training platform in order that we support the future of learning and teaching organizations. And after doing the appropriate build-vs-buy analysis, we are very happy to announce that as of 2021, Edulyx is now part of the Awake family.

Edulyx 2.0

This innovative platform was built by a small team of IITians based in Bangalore, led by Abhishek Rajpoot and Kratika Shrivastava who are now the latest EIRs at Awake. Edulyx is a platform for maverick educators to create, market, and sell amazing courses to learners across the globe. The platform provides all the components needed for an efficacious teaching and learning experience.

E is for Edulyx

The right amount of technology, knack of problem solving and understanding of human motivations can solve many inefficiencies that go unnoticed in today’s world.

Abhishek Rajpoot, Cofounder & CEO, Edulyx

Envisioning a world where teaching and learning of all sorts and skills is just a click away for everyone, everywhere

Kratika Shrivastava, Cofounder & CMO, Edulyx

We’re excited for the upcoming release of an Awake Training, powered by the new and improved Edulyx, both coming soon in February, stay tuned!

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