The Second Career

At Awake, we’re gearing up to launch over 200 new companies around the world in 2021, in pretty much all countries of the world. We’re looking for senior business leaders from various industries ranging from fashion to fishing to auto to cannabis to food, wine/spirits to sports and video games to financial services to real estate to logistics to banking and more.

These leaders will drive Awake businesses using the Internet Business Operating System that is the Awake engine, powered by the digital rails that create the new Internet economy. These two hundred businesses are expected to generated over 50,000 jobs within twenty four months.

Such is the power of The Actual Internet.

In many ways, Awake is simply the Internet rebooted, allowing every business in every industry to take advantage of the actual Internet underneath the Big Tech platforms.

Because Awake represents the disintermediation of every technology platform on the Internet, it represents an opportunity to reaggregate cash flows across any market network.

The approach is simple – any entrepreneurial leader can rebuild new digital economies in any industry vertical, one that flows naturally from maker to consumer, with all facilitators getting their just due. All digital, real-time, hyper local.

Welcome to the future of commerce.

The Second Internet

There are a few things needed for disruption to happen anywhere. Talent, technology, strategy, and capital. Awake represents technology and strategy, and capital is being facilitated and value is being co-created with investors all over the world.

We onboarded nearly fifty Awake Network Entrepreneurs during 2020, and they’re building the first few dozen social market networks aka Awake Networks around the world, in 9 countries so far, growing to 40 by Q2.

The First and The Second Career

So much has been written about careers and personal development that I won’t even attempt it. Suffice to say that one must be in control of one’s own career, at any point in time. Those that depend on others to pull them up or to take them along, will ultimately be left waiting.

This does not mean that leaders don’t take people with them, quite the contrary. As we have said before, leadership is about people, and people are potential, and they must be helped along their path to self-actualization.

People Power

Corporates often extol the virtue of people and culture and organizational learning. Why is it then that senior leaders are often cast aside in favor of younger members of the workforce? There are many reasons for this type of ageism, of course, but economics often has a lot to do with it.

Awake however sees people as regenerative engines of growth, all they need are the right resources, a flexible way to organize, and the right processes. The Awake engine represents this approach in software – both the electronic kind, as well as the fleshy human variety.

Senior Executives and The Second Career

So if the first order of a career is managed in a self-driven way, then there is nothing to stop one from their second career. This is what The Second Career is all about, a global network of entrepreneurial leaders and senior execs, already in their second career, or looking for their second or third careers, across an international set of opportunities.

The Second Career gives entrepreneurial self-starters the opportunity to launch a new digital business in any vertical of their choosing, powered by a 1-click Internet Business Operating System in the cloud. Team included.

When the complexity of technology – AI, blockchain, FinTech, IoT, supply chain, logistics, media, and many other functions – is totally handled by the Awake SaaS, what type of potential will be unleashed, and from where?

If you identify as someone looking for their second career, consider Awake. Or if you know someone who fits the bill, let us know. We have a very generous referral program.

Reach out at The Second Career (coming soon).

And if you’re in the recruiting industry, we’re interested in talking. In 2022, we expect to facilitate 10,000 new digital networks around the world, each likely to employ 10 to 100 individuals. We’re looking for innovative recruiters, head hunters, and staffing agencies to reach out, we have something new to discuss.

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