War of the Platform Worlds

Wow, I was off by some when I wrote about 1984, in what seems to be an entirely different world. 2020 was not like what was promised in all the sci-fi movies and books from when I grew up.

And 2021 promises to be the year the War of the Platform Worlds began.

Technology was supposed to connect us.

And in the year that should have brought the human race together in solidarity against a truly common enemy, we used technology to amplify entirely manufactured ones.

So many narratives, but hardly any truth. How many times will politicians forget that it’s always the economy, stupid?

The war on normal people was amplified by unfettered capitalism, something which is obvious to anyone who knows basic mathematics. I have warned of revolution in past writings, and with this week’s horrific events in the United States capital, we are about to witness the next phase of this war.

But there is a very dangerous twist in this unfolding story.

The War of the Platform Worlds

What is worse that an insurrection in the most symbolic buildings of American democracy?

What is worse than the Big Tech domination that has led to this incredible state of affairs in the world economy, particularly of the American economy where these companies were created?


Who should have the power to control a voice on the Internet?

What checks and balances are in place to ensure this power is used appropriately?

The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

I am a registered independent, and I am not shy about my political beliefs either.

I laud the actions of Twitter and Facebook and the rest of the Silicon Valley crowd.

I also fear for the future of the Internet.

There is only one answer to this situation of incredible control of the Internet by a handful of companies, the new overlords.

Elon Musk

No, I do not ask that he solve this one also.

But Musk suggested the answer the other day on Twitter:

While this was in response to WhatsApp and recent changes to their privacy policy, and his recommendation was that we should switch to Signal, it points to the only real answer to the platform wars.


What is the likely outcome of the Twitter ban?

What is Parler or any other app that is kicked out of the ecosystem going to do next?

I do not like Parler, but I do not like the idea of getting banned from what are essentially utility companies. Imagine if power companies decided not to provide someone with electricity… where is the line and who draws it?

While we think about that answer, these companies are going to rebuild elsewhere. Will they be successful? Logically speaking, this is their moment to grow even faster, if only technology was as easy as Big Tech.

Technology Renaissance

Why is technology so difficult, even 2020 has passed!

We ask not because we want to rescue Parler even though we could stand up a complete replacement network (with additional benefits) in less than a week, we want to focus on the post-digital world that we live in.

2021 is the year when the platforms will have to also change, they will also have to become more open and transparent, and less controlling, and more protective at the same time. This is 100% possible, even though their business models may not align today.

We all know the path that gets us where we need to be.

Awake Platforms as a Service

We are talking about the only possible answer to Big Tech domination in the world of business, and their technocratic domination in the world of politics and life in general.

We are talking about democracy in a world where technology has become a basic human right.

Awake democratizes Big Tech with new Internet tech.

We had no idea that the spark to the technology renaissance where everyone can launch their own Amazons and Facebooks and other types of social media market networks with all types of programmable business models would come because of happenings like these.

But life is stranger than fiction.

And it is up to each and every one of us to create the world we want to live in.

With Awake, we’re making our contribution to this time in history.

1-click Internet Platforms

Awake has created a set of Internet Protocols that redefine Internet Applications, aka platforms that connect up social market networks across various industries. Any entrepreneurs can launch Internet businesses in 1-click.

How to take on Big Tech?

By making it possible for anyone to launch a Inter-network of networks powered business that spans the Internet, and indeed, sits on top of the regular Internet platforms.

Awake enables The Actual Internet, and makes it possible for anyone to launch Internet platforms.

Platforms-as-a-Service, that is Awake. A global network of new social market networks, powered by a Universal Market Network, enabled by a powerful FinTech/AI that is able to settle transactions in real-time, in most liquid currencies in the world.

As we prepared for 2021, over the past 15 months we have launched 30+ platforms in multiple geographies in the world. We’re excited to see them come to life and flourish this year as they take hold of their respective markets.

Welcome to a new digital universe of Internet-sized opportunities for anyone with an Internet connection, welcome to Awake. Launch your platform with us, today.

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