Because Rome Works

A few folks have recently asked: what is the big deal about Roam Research?

And what the heck is the reason to call anything RomeWorks? And there is no aha moment when they find out the original idea was to call it RoamWorks, but that RomeWorks was just a bit cheekier. And less confusing.

The real reason, of course, is that all roads lead to Rome. No? Rome wasn’t built in a day? Oh well. A rose with any other name would smell just as sweet. After all, as we are about to make easier with RomeWorks, words are not knowledge, they are data, and information at best.

Rome and the Knowledge Economy

At least we can all agree that the knowledge economy hasn’t been built yet. Not in the way we purists imagine it, where everything just works. Perhaps the full title of this post ought to be “Because Rome Works, and Opentangle”. Or maybe Rome Works Because Opentangle.

Opentangle, of course, as we know is the Knowledge Protocol, implemented on networks. As it turns out, we are a network, and we’re connected to each other via this Inter-network of networks, aka the Internet. The missing layer, aka Opentangle, creates the actual inter-network of everyone and all other networks.

In other words, Opentangle is a virtual layer on top of the Internet, and Awake is creating a new Internet, if you will. And Rome Works is the knowledge worker layer, connecting all of us via market networks, as we curate digital media into digital gardens. Ta da!

I mean, RomeWorks because of the economy. In RomeWorks, digital gardeners automatically get paid, as regular folks around the Internet use curated and gardened information to find value and profit for themselves. Ta da?

Follow along, join RomeWorks!

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