The Only Real Asset

Real Estate deals with the only asset that one can legitimately say is real, the rest, one could argue are quite chimerical. It is no wonder then that the most successful investment strategies include one or more forms of real estate allocation.

Awake Realty

We have discussed Functional Finance for the Internet, and are now going to extend it to a new vertical that is estimated to be $100T globally – the universal real-estate market network.

Awake Realty is a CapFac for the real-estate vertical. We recall the eternal loop of money movement:

In order to follow the value co-creation that naturally occurs as human beings participate in real-estate businesses around the world, we deploy an Opentangle-based Inter-network for the real-estate markets, powered by AwakeX. It just so happens that we are dealing with realty. Aka Awake Realty.

Value Flow

The natural market in the world of real-estate, as with any other market, begins with the consumer.

Today’s consumer economy is really the sharing economy, which is actually the Internet-economy, and this is no different in real-estate. After generation X/Y/Z, the asset ownership is an eventual consideration, and asset usage is more in demand. This is often described as the experience economy, fleeting and temporary experiences which equate to living life, versus accumulation of assets which can not be enjoyed physically.

So in this new sharing economy of cashflows and liquidity, it is the transactions we enable. Said another way, we facilitate trading between sellers and consumers, for all various types of assets and experiences available in the world of real estate.

So AwakeVC and other funds can leverage Awake Realty for global real-estate investment opportunities, powered by the same “Bloomberg 2.0” AI/FinTech engine that powers AwakeX.


Sonakey is the Awake SaaS platform that manages properties and operations within them, an end-to-end vertically integrated real-estate spaces delivered as-a-service. For corporates, for commercial, and for residential.

Fractal Commerce

A global network for new retail in the post-corona post-digital life. Retail 2.0 is about experiences, and about customer relationships, and about building for the market size of One.

Fractal Commerce connects all of Awake Protocols into a physical layer that enables experiential retail spaces in the real world. This is the O2O bridge that is the holy grail for digital marketers and offline specialists alike.

Fractal Commerce is then a programmatic enablement of the human-to-human retail interaction, experience, and indeed personalized service, else why would anyone go anywhere, and see anyone?

Fractal Commerce manifests as a single network that connects all other networks that enable that perfect customer experience – payments, supply chains, digital marketing, customer loyalty, delivery, credit, and everything else that comes in between and around the process of satisfying consumption.

We are designing Fractal Commerce to be agnistic of the actual content of the experience – so also expect to see Fractal Commerce powered restaurants, spas and wellness centers, fitness and yoga studios, coliving and coworking spaces, and everything else that needs an actual location in the physical world.

Fractal Commerce is the digital monetization layer for real-estate.


Welcome to the citizenship program for the world of Bunkington, a global network of participating coliving establishments, creating a media-driven community-powered movement for coliving and partaking of the digitally native sharing economy.

Bunkginton is a franchise-like network of licensor-licensees businesses that anyone can launch, powered by the advanced FinTech/AI engine that Bunkington is built on.


What Bunkington is to coliving, Coworkful is to coworking.

Most people have two words when it comes to investing in coworking: WeWork and pandemic. Awake looks at the world through the lens of the now, not the past, or even frankly the future.

What 2020 has done for remote working and virtual teams is difficult to capture in words. Perhaps a decade of digital transformation was forced to go down within a span of weeks. There is no going back, and Coworkful is a global network of nomad workers who seek interaction and stimuation from their peers around the world.

And the real-estate opportunity is a more fluid one, a more realistic one, for a world that doesn’t need the same amount of dedicated real-estate anymore. It needs other things, and Coworkful delivers that wherever the demand is.

And again, a global franchise-like licensing network model allows various types of real-estate investors, entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in this new economy.

Coflora, Veed, Spiritful

Other vertical markets across the Awake ecosystem also power their respective offline locations, via the above mentioned O2O bridge, allowing the future of marketing-driven experiential retail be driven by optimized revenue-per-square-foot, assisted by AI.

And a franchise-like licensing model makes it drop dead simple to co-create the future of branded experiential retail networks in categories such as urban farming and community kitchens (Coflora), or the global cannabis lifestyle (Veed), and the global wine/spirits lifestyle (Spiritful). And the dozens of others in the portfolio.

REIT 2.0

Like we mentioned earlier, we’re discussing the only real asset. This is not a new idea by any means, and various forms of the REIT have existed for a very long time.

What Awake Realty (as a collective) is and all the derived investments are, is a digital form of the cashflows that arise naturally from owning and monetizing real-estate. And in the Awake world, real-estate investments are powered by strong FinTech/AI cloud that actively maximizes monetization.

Each investment opportunity within the Awake Realty world is digital, and represents a very specific situation with regards to societal trends and of the future of work, life, and play.

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