Awake is Anonbinary

Awake is a global network of networks, a powerful tech-enabled force for good, co-creating businesses and jobs the world over. Awake represents the force of the Inter-network, aka The Actual Internet.

Today, we’re introducing the Awake LGBT Business Network, as well as Anonbinary, our premium lifestyle brand for the global LGBT community. We’ll discuss them both briefly, and elaborate on how you might be able to sign up and become part of the commerce-led platform for global entrepreneurs, brands, products, and services.

And speaking of brands, we’ll begin with ours: Anonbinary.

What does Anonbinary mean?

Anon. The spirit of digital activism and collective revolution. Anonbinary is about this streak of independence, of liberation, of freedom from the limitations of society and the past and from expectations and obligations. It channels the spirit of newness, of sophisticated operations that are always just outside of sight, the invisible hand that guide those that dare stand up and be themselves.

So the Anonbinary brand represents the same type of new age awakening that is necessarily digital and global, while at the same time very personal and very local and indeed is the focal point of every community discussion about all issues of our time.

Anonbinary then is not just a brand, it is a movement, a global collective that represents the independent minded future of post-modern society.

And in the usual Awake Network tradition, we bring seamless technology to bear to create this new global network. Anonbinary is a reaggregation of existing and new businesses both already on today’s Internet, as well as those still offline.

Anonbinary: A global movement in consciousness

Anonbinary Networks

Awake is a unification layer for the Internet, and creates new networks on top of the existing Internet platforms that we collectively call “The Internet”. This enables any Awake network to tap into the raw power of the underlying Inter-network of networks, co-creating value by driving upside to all parties in the underlying market present in all networks.

Anonbinary is a global lifestyle network that fuses key elements of the post-digital post-corona life.

Anonbinary is a Media Network

A global network of individual creators, independent media companies, and larger participative corporate content houses connected via a modern lifestyle news media platform. A digital space where consumers and business alike can directly tell their stories, to join those in the business of media. A polite space of interaction and community.

Anonbinary is a Social Network

Taking things to the logical extreme, Anonbinary is a dedicated social network for the community, powering online and offline relationships between people as well organizations.

Anonbinary is a Market Network

And in order to encourage entrepreneurship and small business, Anonbinary is an integrated market network, supporting the supply chain across various categories of lifestyle and other products and services.

Anonbinary is an Entrepreneurship Network

Anyone can license the Anonbinary brand for both online and offline retail for any geography in the world. We’re launching with our existing countries, and will expand to the rest of the world as we go, throughout 2021 and 2022.

Entrepreneurs and existing corporates that want to set up a local version of Anonbinary get a business-in-a-box SaaS solution that is entirely cloud-based and is ready for Retail 2.0.

Reach out today if you’re interested in launching Anonbinary in your part of the universe!

Anonbinary is a Coseller Network

And of course, all Awake Networks are by default also Coseller Networks, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to partake in the Anonbinary economy, making up to 30%, 40%, and even 50% and higher of any sale they influence.

Anonbinary and Awake LGBT

Anonbinary is proud to be a sponsor of Awake LGBT, a global business network for the community. Details coming soon, please do reach out if you would like to also help sponsor education, business networking, events and mixers, and other forms of community development.

Awake is excited to launch Anonbinary in the coming days, and we’re excited by the conversations we’re having with this nascent network. We’re also excited to extend the Awake platform to under-represented and otherwise not-as-privileged individuals across the community, help us in helping people, and in growing together.

Because everyone is the same inside. Welcome to Anonbinary. 🚀

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