The Age of the Facilitator

We have asked ourselves in the past: what came first, PayFac or ComFac?

And when you look at the world through the lens of the facilitator, what was the First Facilitator? (The answer is Consciousness, but we can discuss this another time). For now, let’s take a look at what is being facilitated when a customer makes a purchase, and who are involved in the process.

Customers <> Businesses <> Investors

Awake market enables all participants to perform free market activity, enabling liquidity to arise from the natural network activity of conversation and exchange. The traditional value flow from a business serves both sides, the customers as well as investors.

The normal chain of transfer of value is shown in the figure below, where customer money (sales and orders coming in) flows due to marketing from their retail bank to the seller’s merchant bank via a PayFac such as Stripe.

And on the other side, capital markets enable businesses to access investors, willing to finance the growth of their businesses, and enables financiers to generate profits from this investing activity.

If one looks more closely, one gets the sense of what really is going on here. The value flow cycle is actually much simpler than what the above flow diagram shows.

In fact, it is just the familiar three principals in this dance, the customers that exchange with businesses, and investors that finance the most profitable businesses that match their interests.

Once this simplicity is seen, it is easy to create systems that programmatically control the flow in a more granular and powerful manner. Naming is power, and the right names come from the right abstractions.

And what does the world look like through the lens of Awake abstractions?

Note how Awake adds a few new layers in the middle of the original flow? It may look more complex thanks to these additions, but it really adds no complexity. We add this higher level of programmatic control because we want to create new network topologies. So really quick, here are these layers:


We’ve spoken at length about the new category defining software service that works as a Commerce Facilitator, and Shoptype is one such SaaS, that implements this core protocol: Awake Market Network Protocol.


The BankFac is essentially a global programmatic ledger that tracks assets around the world, across actual custody accounts. In effect, the BankFac layer becomes a global treasury, keeping track of multiple currencies around the world, in any number of jurisdictions.

The Awake BankFac is called Awake Money, and uses regular PayFac services such as Stripe to effect any onboarding and offboarding.


And of course, the Capital Facilitator uses data from the ComFac and directly from Opentangle, to create and package investment opportunities into desirable units that investors can purchase aka invest in.

Note also that we have highlighted the ones that are in regulated territory. This includes the retail and merchant banks, it includes the PayFac layer, and it can also include any registered money managers and advisors at the “Investment Facilitator” layer.

The CapFac layer serves the Investment Facilitator crowd, fund managers, private equity, angels, hedge funds and all other manner of folks seeking an edge in making investments in the real world, using a powerful real-time derivatives layer that is plugged into both Main St as well as Wall St.

And so here is the new trifecta, the powerful interlocking networks of commerce and capital facilitators, driving profits into their banks. And in the middle of all things, lest we forget, is me.

Awake Me

And there’s me. What can be said (Awake) Me?

Awake Me is a global sovereign ID SaaS, allowing developers the world over 1-click SSO across all major social platforms (including but not limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Snap, Walmart, Flipkart, Opendoor, and dozens others).

Each Awake ID account also gets the Awake Money wallet, and direct access to all monetization tools and services across the Awake network of networks. Metrics should start rolling sometime in January, and we will post it here, thanks for reading this far!

Functional Finance

Ultimately, all this work has been done in order to create a new foundation for finance on the Internet. Once all cashflows are under programmatic control, AwakeOS, the upcoming Internet Business Operating System for global online/offline businesses is able to engineer successful businesses purely using AI and connecting all the dots across the Internet.

We call this Functional Finance 2.0, a riff on the original demand side economics that folks call a “Keynesian view” of the world. Awake has a different perspective, we don’t call it anything in particular, we just expose the actuality of what is happening on the digital network that connects us all across planet earth. Labels are not useful, only the underlying implications are.

Facilitator Facilitator

So there you have it, ultimately, a facilitator is only a facilitator, and by carefully creating layers outside the regulated environment of banks and PayFac businesses, Awake is facilitating the operations of these new facilitators – Commerce Facilitator (ComFac), Bank Facilitator (BankFac), and Capital Facilitator (CapFac).

In this way, AwakeOS facilitates developers and businesses in using this new platform to drive value for everyone involved. This is AwakeVC, or Awakened Value Co-creation.

Between these three, and the rest of the programmatic struts built around core Awake Inter-Network Protocols, the age of the facilitator us upon us. Welcome to Awake. Welcome to The Actual Internet.

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