State of the Awake Union

So Awake is nearly two years old, 22 months to be exact. And what a journey its been!

Looking back, my life has followed an arc. I will write another time about all the projects in my life that led to this one, to Awake where all dots connect. And because we’re uniting the Internet back into a single whole, it feels appropriate to report on this state of the union.

And there are a lot of dots, and when connected, all these dots form networks. And the networks then connect to form a network of networks. Which I then realized was not quite the familiar old Internet I grew up with. I realized I was thinking about how the Internet was originally designed, and I was thinking about all the benefits of the actual Internet, and how nice it would be if that were the reality, instead of the one we currently live in.

And it was then I realized that The Actual Internet was already Awake.

So, where are we today?

Like we said, Awake is an ecosystem of companies, and is structured as a group of holding companies. We discussed the anatomy of an individual Awake Venture, and so the Awake Group is a collection of Awake Deals. Let’s take a walk down main street, so to speak, of the Awake Union.

And let’s look ahead one quarter, where Awake is headed by Q1 21.

And how do we walk this map? What map shall we use, what topology should we traverse?

Awake has broadly organized itself by networks, itself being the network of networks, or The Inter-network. These inner networks are horizontal and vertical networks, powering broad functionality agnostic of industry, and others being industry specific, powered by all the common networks.

So there are Horizontals, there are Verticals, and to keep all this manageable by teams of entrepreneurs around the world, there are Regionals. Let’s walk through some of the spaces, and look at the networks being launched around the physical world.

So let us begin at the beginning, where it all started, in America, my adopted country. And it also started in India, my birthplace, and also as the founding team is global, and one can state both these truths together – “Designed by Awake in California”, and “Made in India.”

Welcome to Awake. And remember, all Awake Ventures are headquartered in good old America, the melting pot of humanity from across the world.

North America

Still the world’s largest and arguably the most important economic bloc in the world. Let’s take a quick look at the companies operating in these regions.

United States

Awake Partners – Brand ownership and IP holder

AwakeVC – Awakened Corp aka Awakened Value Co-creation, global venture studio and accelerator, and holding company, where IP is commercialized and the magic happens

Opentangle – Knowledge Protocol – the underlying infrastructure for The Actual Internet, the core Intelligence fabric for all types of Artificial Intelligence

Awake Me – Identity Protocol – Sovereign Identity Management-as-a-Service

Shoptype aka Awake Market – Market Protocol – the world’s largest salesforce, allowing anyone to promote and sell anyone’s product or service on the Internet

Brand Computer – full service global branding and marketing organization and platform

AwakeX – Investment Protocol – a “Bloomberg 2.0 for global investors” powered by Opentangle and ComFac engine data (via Shoptype)

Awake Money – Asset Protocol – global platform for global assets including cash, securities, derivatives, as well as digital assets.

Spiritful – global premium wine/spirits lifestyle brand and B2B2C Social Market Network

Awake Biz – global platform for entrepreneurship and B2B networking and deal making

Veed – global premium cannabis lifestyle brand and B2B2C Social Market Network

Awake Realty – Neo-Investment Bank Facilitator for Global Real-Estate Investments

CoVentureCap – Venture Capital Protocol – Platform for global angel investments and syndication

Awake Financial – Global Social Market Network for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management

NextElection – Global govtech platform for citizen engagement and elections, manifested as a Social Media Market Network

Coflora – Urban farming and Community Kitchens

Coworkful – Global Social Market Network for Coworking

Bunkington – Global Coliving Community

Newstype – The Return of Monetization to News Media

Indiful – global premium lifestyle brand and B2B2C Social Market Network for yoga, spirituality, and post-modern Indic media, brands, products, and services.

Corner Network – hyperlocal social media market network for neighborhoods and street corners

Toontype – a social media market network for fiction, fan fiction, and everything around it

Storkful – digital universe and life powered by deepfake AI

Awake Buzz – video-first platform for collaboration and social market networks

Chowtype – a global B2B2C social market network alternative to DoorDash and GrubHub

Super Cab – an Uber of Ubers platform for transportation entrepreneurs, allowing anyone to launch a hyperlocal ride-share service anywhere in the world, dispatched by Super , and keep 95% of upside

CatrovaCer – AI for voice-driven customer service calls

Awake Press – Internet Media Protocol – modern CMS for trackable cross-platform digital media

Main Cross – Networks-as-a-Service


Canada is a fast follow, and we’re setting up Shoptype, Brand Computer, Awake Money, AwakeX, Veed, and Awake Biz up there as we speak. New companies including Awake Auto, Savorful, and Woketype will also find licensees up in Canada first.


Mexico is going to be the world’s largest market for legalized cannabis. We’re setting up Shoptype, Awake Money, Veed, and Spiritful down there as we speak.


Two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in Asia shortly, and indeed this century is going to belong to Asia.


Awake Asia Pacific Corporate HQ


India is a co-creator of Awake, along with the US. All product engineering, as well as global operations are run out of Bangalore, India. We’re launching Shoptype, Awake Money, AwakeX, Brand Computer, Indiful, Super Cab, Corner Network, Newstype, Awake Press, and Spiritful in India.

Several new companies will likely be licensed in India first, on their way to the rest of the world.


South Korea is a unique world, and we’re launching with Shoptype, Awake Money, Brand Computer, and Spiritful.

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Shoptype, Awake Money, Brand Computer to start, along with a few new companies, one called Rahimful that focuses on the Islamic vertical for a digital social market network.



Corporate HQ.

UK and Poland

Starting in two locations: UK and Poland, with Shoptype, Brand Computer, Spiritful, and Schooltype.


A very large continent with massive potential, we start Awake with two countries.

Nigeria and South Africa

And in both these places we start with Shoptype, Brand Computer, Awake Healthcare, Function Fashion, and Spiritful.

South America

And finally, for Q1 of 2021, we plant ourselves in South America with one country, ready to expand quickly into the rest of LATAM.


And in Brasil, we start with Shoptype, Awake Money, Brand Computer, Awake Healthcare, Covidya, and Chowtype.

Next in the World

Awake is going to blanket the world with this new network of networks, aka The Actual Internet. This ultimate leapfrog will allow all countries and all citizens of the Internet immediate access to markets, to know how in the form of entrepreneurs, and to capital, all on a post-digital market network that spans the globe.

Awake will expand to seven neighboring countries around South Africa, as well as 6 more countries in South America, expanding throughout the EU currency union as well as the political union, across South East Asia, as well as China. We expect to cover these by Q3 of 2021, with the rest of the world following up in 2022.

So there you have it, the State of the Awake Union. Join us, there are many ways to play.

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