Anatomy of an Awake Deal

A lot of Awake Networks are being launched all over the world. Awake will be transactionally available in 30+ countries by Q1 2021, and we’ll have 20+ branded networks up and running by January 2021, and nearly 100+ by Q2. If you are familiar with the network effect, then fasten your seatbelts: Awake is The Actual Internet aka an Inter-network of Networks that sits on top of the regular Internet.

What’s all the excitement about? The excitement is in the upside for all involved in any such network, and the value co-creation that benefits all parties.

Awake applies this new programmatic Inter-network to a new type of venture building.

Awake works as a 1-click Internet-in-a-box Transformation for those that plug in, which has the same leapfrog effect as when the Internet first launched, or even when wireless communications was first possible, or perhaps as far back as when electricity first became commercially available.

An Awake Deal is a network opportunity that taps into this new innovation – the invisible hand that guides the Internet. Each deal is a new business co-created by Awake, which means one or more Awake entities are principals in these new business deals, alongside new entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates.

How does this new company creation take place? Who are the players, and how can you launch your own Awake Network?

Lets now skip down the line of actors to see what their role is, and what they bring to the table.

Awake Partners

Awake Partners is IP and brand owner within the Awake ecosystem, and similar to ARM Holdings, but is only the owner, with the job of commercialization done by Awakened Corp.


AwakeVC aka Awakaned Value Co-creation, the commercialization arm of Awake. Legally known as Awakened Corp. The job of AwakeVC is to co-create new ventures across all levels of abstraction, to enable and empower the new Inter-network of networks.


Where the existing Internet is a tangle of the World Wide Web, what Awake has created is The Actual Internet, and it begins with Opentangle.

Awake Platforms

Built on top of Opentangle itself are a number of core protocols such as Awake Me, Awake Market (aka Shoptype), Awake Money, Awake X, CoVC, and several other extension protocols launching around these, such as Newstype, Awake Press, Influenze, AwakeOS, Awake Biz, Corner Network, NextElection, and several others.

The core Awake Platforms are also core Internet Protocols, or in our case, Inter-network Protocols.

Awake Brands

Awake is creating a portfolio of DTC brands across all verticals of work, life, and play. Spiritful, Veed, Indiful, Super Cab, Coworkful, Sonakey, Bunkington, Coflora, and many others.

Awake Operators

Operators are entrepreneurial teams and businesses that license and operate any of Awake platforms or brands. These are geographically dispersed, we’re likely to be live in 100+ countries by the end of next year.

Awake Ventures

An Awake business that is looking to launch or grow, representing deals from early stage to late stage opportunities for investors. All Awake Ventures are global Internet-enabled platform businesses.

New Awake Ventures are being co-created by Awake and corporate innovation teams and bold family offices and veteran entrepreneurs and industrialists the world over.

Awake Investors

Individuals and professional angels, family offices and private equity, as well as alternative assets folks are co-investing in Awake Ventures, for Awake represents the reboot of the old Internet, manifesting The Actual Internet.

Awake Users

And of course, you and me, all the users of the old Internet, plugged into the matrix powered by Big Tech, now Awake!

Awake represents the world’s largest salesforce, all of us, as we go about our business on the modern Internet, and earning a percentage of all sales that result from our web footprint.

Internet of Dreams

So here we are then! The Internet, the great enabler, the great equalizer, now ready to be (re)unleashed. We discussed this before, that the Internet is like nuclear energy.

Fission splits apart larger particles into sub particles, similar to how the present “Big Tech” companies have split the One Internet into their own kingdoms.

Dreamcatcher by Awake

Fusion is a force a billions times more powerful than fission. Awake manifests a unified inter-network of networks, aka The Actual Internet. And from this programmatic dreamcatcher, 10 million new dreams will be reified into brands, which is nothing but cashflow from self-selected networks of people.

One such brand is Veed, in the cannabis vertical, something Awake is taking the lead on around the world, as the potential of this incredible gift of nature becomes more widely known and accepted.

Internet of Sales

Awake Partners has a strong IP portfolio, including the magic needed to make this new Inter-network of networks come alive, or become Awake 😉

One of the many core components is something similar to the Google PageRank algorithm, something we call SaleRank. It is how Shoptype is able to determine who gets paid what.

Once you have a mechanism to mine the Internet for sales, there is only a simple matter of setting up networks that drive more such sales, lifting everyone’s boat in the process.

Veed is one such brand in the portfolio, applying the Opentangle and Shoptype and the rest of the system to the emergent world of cannabis and CBD.

Awake Network of Networks


Veed is an Awake Network, built for the global premium cannabis lifestyle. It is a brand and a platform for the B2B2C business of cannabis, farm to consumption, so to speak.

It plugs in every other Awake Network and non-Awake service providers into a real-time business platform. Veed is a digital supply chain that empowers the digital consumer market network in the cannabis industry, actuated by the various operators including delivery services, dispensaries, spas and wellness centers, top boutique brands and makers, top influencers and entrepreneurs, global distributors and retailers, and of course, the media companies, the ambassadors, and you and me, the consumers.

Veed Inc

The ComFac engine for the global cannabis industry. It is an operating company that commercializes the Veed brand and associated IP.

Veed Inc also acts as a master licensor, allowing global entrepreneurs to power Veed networks in their part of the world, driving commerce into the hyperlocal cannabis economy. A nominal royalty, marketing and technology fee of 9% allows any operator to retain 91% of value in any part of the world.

Veed Ventures

And while Veed grows cashflows through the ComFac layer, Awake kicks in the CapFac engine, designing the rollup of Veed Ventures, to be listed on an appropriate public market with the symbol VEED, or perhaps sold to a private equity shop or a family office.

Join Veed today!

The rollup will select $300M of the fastest growing and most profitable revenue from businesses across the B2B2C network from within the overall network GDP on the platform.

Join Veed today, you’ll likely be able to buy from a nearby participating merchant or doctor very shortly!

And Awake!

If you are an entpreneur, reach out, see what we can do together. If you’re a family office, join the family! We expect to be working with over 1000 individuals, businesses, and investors by the end of 2021, and over 10,000 by 2022.

The Internet reboot is now – or as we like to say it, The Actual Internet is Awake.

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