Internet Fusion for Private Equity

What is the future of Private Equity? How does a money manager return alpha to their investors? How does one compete with big tech and big finance in the forms of AI and FinTech and all the other disruptions taking place? How does VC and PE compete in a software-eats-all world of tech?

Awake has created the Unified Platform for Value Co-creation, by creating a new Unified Market Network on top of the existing and fragmented Internet.

The power of fusion energy is a million times greater than that of fission energy, despite both being forms of nuclear power. In the same way, the power of the Internet is apparent when seen as many networks, as things are today, but is a billion times greater when the Internet is fused back into the single network it was designed to be.

The Internet

One hardly needs to wax eloquence on the value created and amassed by Internet companies of all kinds. What is called Big Tech today is the tip of the iceberg, because as Alan Kay put it, the computer revolution has not happened yet.

With Awake, we have delivered on some the promises of the computer revolution – in specific, we have fixed the way the Inter-network of networks, the Internet functions. And on this new core technology innovation, stands the world’s largest arbitrage opportunity.

The Awake ecosystem is a specific blueprint, as well as implementation of the protocol set that unifies the Internet back into a single whole, and sets up clear ways for the existing Internet to interact with the new Internet 2.0 that is now possible.


It all begins with The inter-network of networks, the Internet.

Today, this network is a totally tangled web. The World Wide Web, after all, is a globally interconnected network of networks using HTTP as the protocol to communicate in a standard, open manner.

On the other hand, the networks that weaponized this open technology, the big tech “media” networks, whether they claim to be tech companies or not, it is clear they wield digital media on the Internet, these large companies built walled gardens and split the one open Internet into fragmented islands.


This is where Awake begins. Instead of this global tangle, we have created Opentangle.

This is one of the first companies in the ecosystem that is Awake, a set of holding companies across protocols and platforms and brands. Opentangle, like most “root node” companies within the ecosystem are headquartered in Silicon Valley, and are structured as Delaware C-corporations.

Licensee nodes, on the other hand, are based all around the world, starting with nearly 20 countries in 2020 including US, Canada, UK, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Brasil, Korea, Poland and amenable neighboring countries in each location.

Just like there is no actual Internet (there are many Internets, the biggest are called Big Tech), there is no one thing called “Awake” per se, there are a set of protocols and brands, aka IP, owned by Awake Partners, in this brave new world, such companies that create new intellectual property are the Brand Owners or the License Owners. The whole collective is “Awake”, and is part of the brand portfolio.

Awake Partners

Awake Partners LLC is primarily yours truly, a corporate entity for the designers of this new world. Awake Partners is not an operational entity, but is the holder of the IP which is commercialized by various entities within the Awake network of networks ecosystem.


Awakened Corporation. Doing business as AwakeVC. Aka Awakened Value Co-creation.

This is where the magic happens, if Awake Partners is the world of imagination, new ideas, patents, and scaleable franchise business models, then AwakeVC is the land of commercialization.

AwakeVC is “accelerated venture studios”, a global network (see a theme?) of venture studios, accelerators, investors, entrepreneurs, industry veterans, family offices, early stage “neo-VC” funds, and so on, come together with a single minded focus to use technology to produce better outcomes for investors.

AwakeVC is a holdings company, and aims to start life with 10% ownership in any venture it co-creates. In cases where AwakeVC is the prime mover, it can own majority. In the typical case, the brand or IP owner, in this case Awake Partners is the prime mover. AwakeVC seeks to increase its ownership in portfolio companies through smart capital deployment over the course of the companies, with an aim to find appropriate liquidity at each milestone.


AwakeVC today has about 20 companies in the holdings portfolio, with a pipeline of over 100 companies by Q2 of 2021. AwakeVC is a private equity holding company, and invests out of balance sheet, we use the term portfolio in the same way as traditional VC (venture capital) firms use it.

Having said that, Awake has been designed by an engineer, and the core components of the system are not for sale per se, but form the basis for the new Internet. You have met Opentangle, there are other protocol layer companies which are designed to be profitable from the first transaction onwards, obviating the need to divest them, in fact, these protocol companies are the infrastructure layer of Awake.

Others are platforms, which are broader applications of the core protocols. And then there is the app layer, the brands and products and services that form the operational P&L centers in the new inter-network of networks.

Protocols + Platforms

Let’s start with a few protocol layer companies, which are of course, also platform companies, and then we can cover extension protocol platforms.


For completeness, here’s the Opentangle node, a company that creates a new Inter-network of networks for anyone who uses it, granting access to the underlying Opentangle network. A license to use Opentangle makes it free to use and 1% of revenue that passes through it.

Awake Me

The sovereign ID protocol, aka who are you? We answer this question with: I am me, always, despite what I may appear to be. This is a company that creates the Awake network of networks with a single click SSO or universal log in for the Internet, tying together ways for anyone to connect with the various networks out there such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn and so on.

Awake Me brings the power of Opentangle to anyone who logs into Awake networks, or builds new Awake networks. Awake Me retains 3% of earnings that pass through the network.

Awake Money

The global asset protocol, which when used in transactions, represents liquidity, aka money. Awake Money manifests as a global Bank Facilitator (BankFac) platform and appears to the end user as a multi-currency e-wallet that connects to any other physical bank or wallet.

Awake Money is the universal market ledger, creating a real-time forex network powered by live transactions globally. It is the infrastructure layer for “neo banks”, particularly on the merchant banking side, and even more so on the MSME (micro/small/medium enterprise space).

As Awake Money functions as a universal payment gateway, it is able to charge a lower fee on global transactions, which settle in real-time across the network. Awake Money charges as low as 1% for any transaction, anywhere in the world. The fact that Awake brings the customer as well is icing on the cake. Or maybe the other way around.

Awake Link

Similar to Google PageRank, Awake has created technology that indexes the Internet, but does so in a smarter way, and is able to function as a sensor network for the “Internet of Sales”. In other words, thanks to the Awake inter-linking protocol, Awake SaleRank algorithm is able to determine the actual customer journey across the Inter-network of networks, aka the Internet.


The company creator platform, AwakeX represents the exchange protocol, tied into new digital SPVs (special purpose vehicles) that represent any deal between parties in the form of new joint ventures or licensing deals.

AwakeX is always a principal party in these transactions, aiming for a minimum of 10% ownership in any new deal co-created on the AwakeX platform, which is a “Bloomberg 2.0 for private equity”, processing data from Opentangle into actionable intelligence for global investors large and small.

Awake Market

Awake Market Inc, dba Shoptype is a global DTC operating system, powering brands with the world’s largest salesforce of cosellers. Free to use, Shoptype retains 5% of revenue driven by the network, and pays out up to 95% of earnings to the network participants, aka Cosellers.


A drop-in 1-click solution for monetization of media networks, finally providing news media relief from the relentless onslaught of the digital adtech companies such as Facebook and Google.

Newstype represents The Return of Monetization to News Media.

Awake Biz

Awake Biz is a global social market network for the entrepreneurship ecosystem, built for MSMEs and solo entrepreneurs, a “Forbes + Inc” media layer that manifests as a video-first “TED for Business” as well as a deal marketplace for global value co-creation at all levels of business.

Corner Network

A global hyperlocal network for local media, local commerce, and local cosellers. Corner Network started life in one city in India, and is now spreading to dozens of others across the country, and around the world.


An emergent company, representing the PaaS aspects of Awake in a developer ecosystem of tools and services. An AWS++ if you will, a Cloud Operating System for Internet Businesses. All the brands that follow are essentially powered by AwakeOS.

And a special secret weapon, an Awake version of the “one more thing” … the YappStore.

Brand Computer

A company that uses software called BrandforceAI to power the future of brand building on the Internet. More here, but Brand Computer is essentially the nexus of the top brands in the world, powered by the most advanced advertising and marketing technology in existence.


Much needed global platform for governance, a “Democracy OS” if you will. Check it out, live in a few countries already: NextElection.

Awake Realty

A global market network for brokers and real-estate investors, powered by AwakeX.

Awake Financial

A global market network for broker-dealers, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and the like, driving investment dollars into various fiduciary networks.


Social venture capital, literally so, powered by a market network in venture world. Read more about CoVC here, and if you’re an accredited investor, join our syndicate.


Some are core platforms in the same way as some functions form the kernel of an operating system.

Here is the holy trinity within the Awake ecosystem, a triad of pillars that support the superstructure, and centered around the consumer, me.

Other platforms

There is no limit and no depths of the universal market network, now liberated from the stranglehold of the existing Internet companies. Opentangle enables a new Internet, and the new wealth creation cycle is now.


These are typically DTC social market networks, aka media-driven community-powered hyperlocal market networks that drive cashflows for the industry.


The B2B2C social media market network for global cannabis products and services, CBD too! Join Veed today!


The B2B2C social media market network for global wine & spirits lifestyle! Join Spiritful today!

Super Cab

Is it an Uber? Is it a Lyft? An Ola? No! It’s Super.Cab!


The B2B2C social media market network for global Indic wisdom, beautiful brands, products and services across food, wellness, yoga, spirituality, and a whole host of other categories! Join Indiful today!


The B2B2C social media market network for post-digital coworking and the gig economy, franchises available shortly!


The B2B2C social media market network for post-digital coliving and the shared living economy, franchises available shortly!


The B2B2C social media market network for urban farms, vegetarian foods, and community eating, franchises available shortly!

Other brands

There are dozens of other brands in the pipeline, Awake expects to co-create over 100 branded networks over the next two quarters, and well over 1000 over the next 3 years. We see 10M+ such branded networks or “network apps” (Yapps) being built by entrepreneurs around the world, servicing 6B+ Internet users by the end of 2030.

Actualizing potential, manifesting Reality

This is the promise of the Internet, the inter-network of networks that was supposed to make all things possible, the network that was meant to democratize access to capital, markets, and know-how, to all of humanity.

It did not happen, instead the actual Internet was disabled.

Awake re-enables the Internet, the great world wide tangled web that we have woven. Opentangle reboots the Internet, and delivers the promised dreams.

“Dreamcatcher by Awake”

The dreamcatcher design, as we call it internally, is for anyone Awake to start a business within Opentangle, allowing new value to be co-created by the network of networks aka the actual Internet.


Each network can be licensed for offline retail, because each network is an O2O bridge, connecting the digital world to the real world, allowing 1-click franchises for global brands, powering experiential retail across all categories.

These licensee companies are similar to franchises from the old world of retail, and as we like to say, the future is post-digital, as is starting or licensing an Awake network.


So how do investors play in the Awake Universe?

Ecosystem Structure

So let’s do a quick recap of how we are arranged.

Awake Partners owns IP and licenses associated with various innovations and brand names.

AwakeVC, the platform company that works with entrepreneurs and organizations all over the world, owns at least 10% in each of the entities set up to monetize the IP, being a holding company.


If you’re a small accredited investor, you can come in via our syndicates, CoVC will manage allocations into each of these AI + FinTech platforms and brands for various markets and verticals.


For institutional grade deals, the CapFac Engine (Capital Facilitator) AwakeX is co-creating partnerships, joint ventures, rollups and other ways of capturing value in the new post-corona post-digital economy.


We are raising directly into multiple companies at what traditional venture would call seed and series A rounds. We’re also raising into the AwakeVC hold co itself, from where investments would be made from balance sheet, into various Awake deals.


Speaking of deals, Awake Deals is a good place to find deals, and if you’re an accredited investor, to also invest. Awake Deals is a global membership network for opportunities within the Awake network of networks. Many family offices, accelerators, crowdfunding platforms, private equity groups, HNIs, accelerators, and others are connecting via this network to share deal flow, and to co-invest in the networks.

Examples of Awake Deals include seed rounds in Veed, Spiritful, Newstype, Awake Market (aka Shoptype), Awake Money, AwakeX, and Awake Realty.

Awake – The Network is the Market

So this is the new inter-network of networks aka Opentangle.

This is the reason why we started out with the power of the Internet, and the power of fusion energy (vs fission), or the power of connecting everything to everything, creating a seamless network, versus fragmenting the single Internet into kingdoms.

But now, the Actual Internet is Awake. Opentangle forms the basis of Berkshire Hathaway 2.0.

Welcome aboard, fasten your seatbelts. 🚀

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