Growing Brands on Brand Computer

Brand Equity Creators (BEC) is a group of branding and marketing veterans as well as a network of companies that together are able to drive massive equity value for client brands. BEC is an Awake Network, and is a technology powered force for growing global DTC brands.

We call this distributed value co-creation platform Brand Computer.

Let’s take a look at various components of Brand Computer.

My, how AI has evolved over the past 20 years, and then just in the past 5 years.

And Awake has pushed the state of the art with resepect to artificial intelligence, starting with Opentangle, and all the new abstractions built on top of this new network intelligence layer. is the AI-first digital enabler for global DTC brands, a sort of global central nervous system that connects across the Inter-networks of networks, powering human-to-human engagement through storytelling and experiences.

The world is already both online and offline, and the O2O bridge is powered by, guiding the consumer to the right seller, and the right buyer to the right supplier, and so on.

This fractal of commerce is digitally manifested by Brand Computer, and anyone can use it, all one needs is an Internet connection.

Brand Owners

Ultimately the creation of a brand begins with imagination. An entrepreneur or an existing corporation has a spark of creativity, a triggering of something-that-can-be.

Awake celebrates that creative process, that very essence of creation and life. As we have already discussed, however, a brand must be turned into a business if it is to survive and thrive. So BEC is a place where brands come to live and breathe and grow into powerful forces of human nature.

Brand Licensors

A licensor is the one who helps commercialize a brand, and is often professional management that is usually backed by investor capital.

Brand Computer is able to connect brand licensors to a far more efficient market network, allowing global scale for brands that seek it.

Brand Licensees

Brand Computer is a powerful tool for businesses such as franchisees or licensees of DTC brands, powering local and global retail through digital marketing.

The job of the operator, as the licensee of the brand, is to drive an O2O funnel, one that can be programmatically optimized on Brand Computer. These operators are usually seasoned businesspeople, and often are able to attract top talent to drive results.

Brand Marketers

Brand Computer allows approved marketing partners such as agencies, influencer networks, media companies, and other types of audience-driven networks to drive monetization for the brand as well as themselves.

Brand Computer enables Retail 2.0, turning it back into the original marketing game, powered by real-time sales and profits, on a global network of networks where media is trackable and shoppable.

Join our team, disrupt Brand Marketing today!

Brand Financiers

The Brand Computer is a programmatic engine that is able to produce profitable sales for brands. The DNA of the network of networks allows a Universal Market Network, powered by an Internet Operating System, guided by

This means, any investor can pick and choose profitable investments that suit their risk profile. The Brand Computer takes the guesswork out of optimizing omni-channel marketing and sales, driving bottomline results across all media platforms of the Internet.

Brand Consumers

And of course, Brand Computer is able to optimize for the customer experience, because when all things that drive the experience come into harmony with each other, when they are powered and coordinated by a single force, the resulting customer satisfaction can be measured in real-time.

Consumers of brands that are powered by Brand Computer are happiest, and are able to participate in the most advanced customer loyalty programs that AI can create.

All this is to say that Brand Computer is an optimzation layer for the Consumer 2.0 Economy.

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