Venturing with Awake

I have written before and I say it all the time, Awake is not a company, it is a way of being. Awake was born from indignation and from abundance. The vision is clear, the mission also: 100M jobs in the next 2-3 years.

How do we get there? We work backwards, and know that we would need to create millions of companies all over the world. In order to do that, we need a machine, a company that creates companies, and a way to create many such company builders.

Hence Ventures by Awake.

Awake Ventures is a global Venture Studio Platform, powered by an accomplished network of serial entrepreneurs, angels and family offices, marketers and creatives, and talented data scientists, designers, engineers, and everyone else that is needed in the value co-creation journey.

Awake Ventures is thus a venture studio itself, as well as it enables and accelerates other venture studios around the world. In that sense, Awake Ventures powers accelerated venture studios.

Awake Ventures

I used to joke that one makes money as an entrepreneur, and loses it as an investor. We’ve asked before: how can angels do better? How can anyone do better at early stage investing?

Awake Ventures is a global network of venture studios, accelerators, angels, and professional early stage capital, focusing on a class of accelerated ventures. Awake Ventures vastly improves the studio model and is designed to take companies from idea to exit in 12 to 24 months, using a unique combination of patent pending technology, people, strategy, and smart capital.

The key to ensuring success is to not wait for the future to happen, but to invent it instead. Awake wears a demand side view of the world, and by leveraging a private equity approach of cash flow driven roll ups, Awake Ventures designs outcomes based on buy side strategies.

The optimization goal, of course, is maximizing alpha, by creating entirely data-driven digital learning organizations, finding real-time signals amongst all the noise of operations exhaust.

It takes a village, they say. And startups are no different, they have very high infant mortality rate, with the majority of startups failing within three years of their beginning. We need special villagers with special capabilities that can help nurture and accelerate the growth of these seeds.

Opentangle and AwakeOS

Awake is a PaaS in the fullest sense of the word, allowing new platforms to be stood up on the modern Internet, now powered with a modern network AI infrastructure called

The combination of all Awake Internet Protocols plus partner APIs, alongside an integration and deployment platform manifests as the new ultra high level developer platform AwakeOS.

Awake Market Network Members

Anyone on the Internet can connect to the global Opentangle Network. When someone refers business to Awake, they automatically earn 5% of gross profit, directly credited to their Awake Money wallet in real time.

Global Coseller Networks

Shoptype represents the world’s largest salesforce, hundreds of millions of people all over the world, selling for businesses on a post-paid commissions-only basis. Any business can 1-click connect their catalog of products and services into Shoptype, and start getting free sales.

Cosellers earn as much as 50% of the order value, some times higher, and multiple cosellers can split commissions from a single order. Shoptype represents the power of a truly social Internet, available via a 1-click single sign on aka Universal Login called Awake Me.

CoVC Partners

Awake is building out CoVentureCap, a new type of capital market powered by a global venture developer network full of seansoned entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angels and micro VCs, as well as larger family offices and corp ventures.

CoVC Partnership Program is a special program where any accomplished venture developer who wishes to enter into the venture capital industry may apply to do syndicate deals on the platform. The unique model allows individuals such as venture scouts to earn carry and warrants in deals they represent and help raise funds for. Apply for this innovative program here: CoVentureCap.

Awake Associates

We’re building out a new type of organization, because Awake is a living, breathing, learning and evolving organism. We are inviting experienced entrepreneurs to join the ranks of Awake Associates, driving digital transformation and value co-creation the world over. Reach out, we’re closing in on the first 100 global associates, we look forward to speaking with you!

Commerce Facilitator

The Awake Market Protocol aka Shoptype allows the Internet to be turned into a global sales force, driving pure commissions-only sales across today’s Internet platforms, be it social media or eCommerce.

Sellers and brands and wholesale distributors benefit from multiple orders of magnitude higher sales volumes, 10X to 100X is common.

The ComFac engine that Awake has created enables a new digital economy with a different economic model, one that benefits everyone that connects, at zero upfront cost.

Capital Facilitator

The Awake Exchange Protocol aka AwakeX allows for investors of all types to access an advanced data-driven platform for investing money into the new economy.

AwakeX allows for rapid acceleration from the same buy side perspective that is Awake.

Awake Fund

A network of early and late stage funds that represent the full spectrum of company lifecycle, now connected via AwakeX.

Awake Family

A growing list of enlightened family offices, all working towards the upliftment of humanity through exponential technologies and business opportunities.

Brand Equity Creators

Brand agency for the 21st century, full service brand management for market operations, enabling experiential retail for global DTC brands, powered by Brand Computer.

iNM Digital

A post-modern creative agency, beyond magical. Post-magic?


The “Disruption-as-a-Service” accelerated venture development model for corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. More on AwakeDisrupt.

Welcome to Awake. Venture on!

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