The Battle for the Internet

An open letter to those that wonder how to take on Big Tech:

We’re answering an important question: is there a solution to the Big Tech domination? Or are we to satisfy ourselves working under their shadows, playing by their rules?

Where we’re headed

When everything is big corp and big tech, our thesis is simple: software and platforms and AI and capital … all conspire to drive prices to zero. Amazon is a case in point, our margin is their opportunity. It is a battle to the death. Awake illumines an alternate economy, a blue ocean.

Where value is

When everything and everyone is connected to the modern Internet, and everyone can do business directly with anyone else, and everything is commodity, where is value? In this new world of the hyper local and the hyper global, the only differentiator that remains for consumers is the value added by the individual on the other side of the transaction. Specifically, when everything is free, value is indicated by reputation and trust and value is received via the personalized service offered by the only means that is not commoditized: the consumer himself, aka the human being.

When C2C explodes

What is the future of commerce? It is not Direct-to-Consumer. It is not faceless company on one side, and human beings on the other.

The future of commerce is human-to-human. With everything else becoming in service to these human-to-human exchanges.

For this to happen, one critical Internet layer is missing: real-time multi-party attribution across all Internet platforms. And now, there is. And it is powered by a global social commerce fabric that settles in real-time. Suddenly, the future is now.

All other networks become services to the nodes … including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and any number of HTTP-based Internet services and platforms.

Awake powers Consumers

Awake not only has solved the Full Attribution Problem on the Internet, but represents an entirely new approach to commerce, jobs, and the on-demand economy.

Awake manifests demand-side economics … by empowering media-driven commerce, powered by community, inter-connecting brands and retailers, delivery services and wholesalers, payment networks and social networks, Awake enables a new type of network.

Awake Networks are powered by Consumers.

Consumers and Cosellers

Every Awake consumer is a Coseller, and is part of the global coseller network.

Dozens of 1-click integrations allows any online merchant to connect, via Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform, instantly synchronized catalog and inventory. Media networks also connect and are able to now make commissions by simply enabling sales, redirecting them to the fulfillers … the brands and sellers connected globally. Beating the Facebooks and Googles will happen by human beings, connected by global Awake coseller networks.

Networks and Entrepreneurs

The future of commerce is a global entrepreneurial economy powered by global coseller networks that anyone can join. Awake is the future of a global Inter-network of networks, a new Internet that truly works for everyone. Driven by cosellers, powered by entrepreneurs, anywhere in the world.

Awake and the Internet

HTTP is an open standard, and the Internet is technically open.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, and others show that the Internet is not really open, and they have captured trillions of dollars from fragmenting the single Internet, and creating data silos. These platforms sell their users’ data and the users themselves to advertisers, and businesses, particularly MSMEs pay a very hefty tax … 30% to 50% when CAC is included.

Awake dissolves all Internet gatekeepers.

Awake enables a new Internet, a global Inter-network of networks, that enables the direct Consumer-to-Consumer economy, powered by fintech and mediated by AI.

Welcome to Awake.

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