The Awake C-Suite

Welcome to a new C-suite. And worry not, we are not about to bore you with corporate-drone-speak. Indeed, we’re focusing on the other side of the 1% … we’re here to talk about how the new 99% can co-create prosperity.

So what does the new C-suite look like? What does it take to make money on the new Internet? What are the components that together weave the tapestry of liquid markets that create

Here we go, not neccessarily in any priority order:


Content is king, remember? It was back then, and sure is again. As we like to say at Awake, if you’re not a media company, you don’t exist.


I meant cash is king, see cash below.

Cash can be generated by facilitating exchange, aka trading, or commerce.


For there to exist commerce, there has to be something of value to trade with.

This is the beginning of the catalog, the list of things makers and sellers have on hand that are on offer, for consumers to puruse and purchase.


We often say, the network is the market. And a real network is an actual community, an ecosystem of people and entities that come together due to common interest of some kind.

The community is a key part of the online world, and digital groups and platforms encourage the community building aspects of the Internet.


And why do people come togther? To exchange – news, goods, and services – as well as to do more things that may not be possible if not done together.

When people collaborate and cooperate, there is nothing that is not achievable, and the new Internet makes this simple and productive for everyone.


Coworking, Coliving, Coselling.

Welcome to a new job designation – Coseller.

A seller is the merchant who fulfils the products/services that customers purchase, a distributor ensures inventory, a coseller helps make the same happen, but does not actually participate beyond facilitating the actual exchange.

One may think of the coseller as an affiliate++ program, or an influencer++ program, but in reality, it is an entrepreneurship program.

Awake is a network of networks, and cosellers can either particpate in existing networks to help make sales happen in exchange for share of commissions, or they can launch full-on new networks themselves, and facilitate hundres or thousands or indeed any number of other cosellers to in turn drive sales.

A coseller network is a powerful way to drive value for multiple participants in online markets, and Awake enables coseller networks via a 1-click SaaS platform. Read more about cosellers:


Almost 41% of the global economy is sales that include a distribution margin aka sales commission. That’s $36T (trillion) dollars a year.

Today, these commissions are made by traditional businesses, 90% of these businesses will see a dramatic change in their fortunes thanks to the COVID crisis, the resultant post-digital age that is now firmly upon us.

Today, more than ever, businesses are willing to try new ways to create value, and are ready to work with new networks from all over the world. This is the opportunity unparalelled in history of human work, that anyone anywhere on the planet can work for anyone else and drive a sales and earn a commission, seamlessly, even if they were not the last click.

Having full-attribution data changes Internet marketing. And now, upto 50% commissions from across hundreds of millions of products & services will become available to people from around the world, creating new opportunities and businesses.


And while cooperation and collaborate are preferred words, there’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition! Awake powered leaderboards show any network operator in the world their top cosellers across a variety of axis, all in real-time, knowing that the game of commerce is always on!

Always Be Closing!

But know that in Awake Land, being spammy to close a sale is no longer neccessary, instead Awake enables an organic Internet based upon authenticity and expertise, a truly transparent meritocracy where people vote with their attention, earn when they help sales happen, and get paid in real-time.


What does “VC” stand for, we are often asked. Awakened Value Co-creation, AwakeVC.

Value is what is created when we are both better off than we were before the event.

This implies more than one party is required to create value. Thus value is never created, but only ever co-created. This is non-different from every seller needs a buyer, or every market needs liquidity, and other pithy adages.

So Awake is all about co-creation, across all aspects of any community, and all participants of communities.


And of course, one other thing is needed to co-create value – the creation itself, the act of creating something new. If you just copy someone, then the value creation is along lines of (say) price, or speed, or other attributes.

Something new. Something better. Something innovative enough that it can pay for itself. It can stand on its own. Financially independent creations, full of life!

This is true creativity and creation.


Well. If you’re Awake, then I need say no more.

Otherwise, we’re aware of the reality of our universe, we’re working to connect us back into a whole, because together is better, faster, cheaper, smarter.


Awake is about cashflows, plain and simple. There is a simple difference between hobbies and brands, once you become clear that a brand is not automatically a business.

So Awake is about cashflows, helping create and scale cashflows locally and globally, across our global network of networks of cosellers.


The most important thing, perhaps counter intuitive to many, is our insistence that cashflows is everything, but is really not everything. The purpose for what the cashflow is being generated is very important, and it always has something to do with human beings able to live fulfilling lives.

Cash is a means to an end, and Awake is mindful of this.


Awake works like an investment, the more you put in, the more you get out. Highly non-linear, Awake is a human network of networks, and when the right people come together, anything can happen. It does, every day.

So the Awake ledger tracks contributions, and the fact is no one knows what fruits will be borne from the user activity aka labor, across the network of networks across the Internet.


And of course, the notion of ledger, the notion of togetherness, belies the underlying chains of human effort, strung together to deliver outsize outcomes that otherwise would not be easy.

The human race is a chain of people, a network of networks that criss crosses the globe. Awake simply emulates this human activity, and mirrors it on the ledger.


And in the end, a conversation is an exchange. Exchanges are conversations.

Conversation and exchange and protocols – this is the stuff of human civilization and economics.

Awake is about people, an planetary scale network of entrepreneurs that in turn co-create a network of networks that spans hyperlocal communities and markets around the world.

So that’s it! Welcome to the new C-Suite, welcome to Awake!


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