For the Spiritful, by the Spiritful

In a way, Awake started with Spiritful.

You know, one of those connecting dots in a long arc.

Spiritful gave rise to AwakeVC which gave rise to Shoptype.

Of course, it was not quite Spiritful then, it was still just getting started.

And today, we’re going live with Spiritful USA, Spiritful UK, Spiritful India, and our sister brand in the Australia market Spiriting. We’re looking to launch Korea, a few countries in Africa, and parts of LATAM very shortly.

So why are we so full of spirits?

A global lifestyle brand

We’re excited because we love superior products that take skill and patience to build. This is not fast food, it is not fast fashion. We’re talking about the compounding effects of high quality and the delayed gratification that can only come from not just wanting to make a quick buck.

So yes, Spiritful is a lifestyle statement, a statement that demonstrates your class and good tastes. Spiritful is the good stuff.

A global connoisseur network

Who doesn’t remember the best wines they’ve had over the years? Or great scotch, or any number of delicious libations made by cultures all over the world.

Spiritful is built on those memories, and the essence of a good time, sharing good food and drink with friends and family. And maybe even colleagues 😉 A place to find not just the best wine and spirits, but also the best selection of accompaniments – cheese, chocolate, caviar, cigars, and so much more!


Reviews are broken everywhere, it is extremely hard to find honest reviews, and so we come to depend on social proof – if someone we know says they like it, then we are likely to also try it, and are inclined to like it.

And how does one find good recommendations?

Spiritful Guide is a key part of the platform, a wonderfully social way to surface and discover the best wines and spirits from around the world, as well as nearest to you. Think Michelin ratings, but better, we’re working with some of the top cocktail and wine critics in the world. Exciting times! We can’t wait to announce this, and if you’re a highly rated bar or wine lounge or bartender or mixologist or cocktail artist, we want to hear from you. Reach us at


And what a travesty it would be if we just told you about the best stuff, then left you hanging, not high but very dry? What value is a resource that lets you in on the best inside knowledge about what to get, but then has no way to get it for you?

Spiritful is different.

Spiritful is full-service.

The Spiritful network is gathering up some of the best retailers, retail locations, and retail services from around the world. And if you happen to live nearby one of these, well … get ready for some liquidity 😀

And if you’ve got a high quality retail outlet we should consider, again, get in touch, we’re bringing some unique technology to help with marketing and commerce. Let’s talk!

A global coseller network

For brands, Spiritful is quite exciting. Where else does one interact directly with fans? How does a brand know what the market really thinks? Focus groups?!

How about raw data across entire conversation and conversion funnel?

How about turning everyone on the Internet who is a lover of these concoctions into remote coworkers? Or as we call them, Cosellers?

As partners come on board, and the Spiritful organic reach grows, for brands and retailers, the global army of enthusiasts, customers, and cosellers is a force that can be leveraged to increase sales. This is not a prepaid, spray-and-pray ad-model method of driving sales, but is highly precise postpaid performance marketing from the future 😉

A channel of incremental revenue that drives itself (designated drivers, sorry couldn’t resist). What’s not to like?

And global entrepreneurs

If it so happens that you’re a wine or spirits enthusiast or maybe an expert, and would like to launch a business in this industry, reach out, Spiritful has some powerful networking features too!

Party Members

I meant partner members. We’re onboarding strategic partners across the market network. For instance, if you or your business in this wonderful world of wine/spirits and so forth, across any of the following functions, we’d love to talk! Do reach out at


If you’re a digital or offline magazine or newspaper in this industry, Spiritful represents a very significant monetization channel. A simple pixel integration can turn a media publisher into a cashflow machine by converting audiences into buyers yes, but more importantly, into cosellers.

Not only do audiences appreciate being an active part of a global club, but they can earn share of commissions while they do it. And if they’re so inclined, they can do it at scale, driving valuable traffic into the sales funnel, and getting compensated with precision on any orders they impact.

blur close up cutlery dining

And the publisher or agency gets a small portion of all such transactions. All automatic, with no integration, no logistics, no operational burden whatsoever!

Spiritful really does represent the Return of Monetization when it comes to digital media. The same can be translated into print as well, and the Spiritful platform also connects offline retailers, as we have seen.


What’s good for publishers is good for influencers.

Whether you’re a mega influencer, or the nano variety, Spiritful is the future of Internet marketing in wine/spirits. Why? Because all brands are going to be performance driven, not wanting to pay influencers no matter how famous, unless they drive direct results, aka sales.

And how does one solve the attribution problem that is obviously in the way? Simple, because Spiritful is an Awake Media Market Network, aka it runs on Shoptype. It’s magic.

And is the future of influencer commerce.


Need we say it, the best and most progressive marketers know that the future of DTC is digitally native storytellers. And in today’s world, customers and ambassadors, and now influencers and cosellers tell the best tales.

Spiritful lets brands channel this force, this is the awakening. And if you didn’t click that link, and watch the video, then here it is:


Where there are influencers, there are agencies managing them.

And where there are publishers and platforms, there are agencies creating content marketing to drive attention and sales.

And that’s where Spiritful operates, smack in the middle of all this, driving agency performance and profits, driving volumes up by 10X to 100X, simply by making the Internet work for all individuals, instead of only for the platforms themselves. This secret sauce is built into Shoptype.

Again, if you’re a publisher, an influencer, or an agency, and you’re doing work in this space, we’re creating a new tech-enabled cooperative platform that powers everyone collectively.

Together we stand!


BTW, digitally native means less costs, more great products, and indeed, more amazing brands from all over the world! Spiritful Ventures is looking for upcoming products and services, and we’re able to bring these to our patrons. Everyone wins!


And this is all very well, you may say. Where, pray tell, am I going to visit in this “lockdown-at-will” universe? We’re all going nowhere fast these days, no?

We’ve designed Spiritful with this new world in mind, and delivery services are baked right in. Depending on where you live, and how much you’re willing to pay, you can pretty much get anything delivered straight to your house or your office.

Spiritful in the Real World

Being digital only goes so far, after all, at the end of the day, a livestream won’t satisfy your cravings, and you can’t take anyone home from the virtual bar.

So we’ve also designed for that through our participating locations around the world, top cocktail bars, gorgeous wine lounges, with live music usually, and lots of well-dressed people. Look out for the red dragonfly logo, move over Starbucks, consumer habits are changing all over the world, and our member restaurants and bars are good place to have a meal with a glass or two of something good, while “sheltering-in-place”.

Just wear your mask.

Brave New World

In this strangely beautiful post-COVID world we now live in, we are having to live differently than before.

Fortunately this fairly intense lack of human contact, for a lot of people, has made them look for alternative ways to be human, digital or otherwise. To connect and to consume is human, and now via Spiritful, we’re also adding Cosellers, a new world where anyone can manifest their fullest potential.

Spiritful helps along. 🥃

Join the armchair revolution today at

Cheers! 🥂

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