Introducing Awake Games

I’ve written about Toontype, an exciting new Awake Media Market Network that allows people to dive deep into the illusory world of fiction, characters, and authors, and fans. And with Awake Games, the illusion continues!

We begin with a question, and a quote:

“Who does not like video games?!”


It’s true, everyone wants to know! It’s no wonder then, that video games is now expected to be a $200B industry by 2022. And Awake.Games scratches so many itches for gamers, old and new, casual and hardcore, for online and offline. The board games market, for instance, will grow to an additional $11B in the same time period. Then there are accessories, books, movies, and such. And in the post-COVID world that we now inhabit, this market is growing faster than ever.

This is why we’re excited about this new Awake Media Market Network, it is all about having fun!

If you’re a gamer, or know a gamer, you’re going to love what Awake Games does for you. Join today, and discover the various aspects of this global membership network.


Awake Games is a digital media and journalistic endeavor, and brings in the entire global community with it. The platform is about social commentary and social reviews of all things gaming, including something we’re particularly excited about, e-Sports and live events.

If you’re a gamer and have a flair for curation and reporting on events in this fun vertical, or even we want to hear from you! (PS –

And if you’re a media company in the gaming space, and are looking for ways to increase monetization, join the Awake Games network! Read on to see how we create a new market for the industry, and know that media partners can earn up to 50% of all revenues they drive!

Awake Games represents the Return of Monetization for news/media companies and content creators alike. Unite, and engage, today, reach out to


Awake Games is also a market network that connects brands and resellers, as well as events, planners, and venues, and all manner of online and offline stores.

Awake Games is a global membership network of the best products and services, as well as a curated guide to the top events happening around the world, along with being about to buy tickets, exclusive access, and so forth.


May the Awake Games begin!

We’re launching the first Awake Call of Duty “Takedown” Tournament, our first in a series of events. This is in planning phases, and we’re working on the fun stuff – the prize money, the sponsors, the media partners, the streaming partners, and of course, the swag, the swaaaagggg!

The Takedown series is a global series, with a grand prize in 2022 that is going to snowball over our next few tournaments, and we discover the best COD fighters around the country and around the world.


I don’t know about most people, but I’ve always had more fun playing multiplayer co-op mode than any other type of game play. The team spirit, the shared victories, the challenges to overcome together, all added to the sense of satisfaction. We did it. We.

And so naturally, we’ve designed Awake Games as an Awake Media Market Network, letting not only everyone come together and play, but to share profit and satisfaction.

All Awake Games Ambassadors are full representatives of the market network, sharing up to 50% commissions on all products and services they help sell. Cosellers can include fans and customers, influencers and affiliates, media partners, and basically anyone who wants to be in the business of gaming.

What fun! Join Team Awake today! (PS –


Awake is about creativity, the very spark of consciousness called imagination, upon which are built worlds upon worlds, and indeed entire universes. And to these world-builders, we grant the highest honor – that of Creators.

Awake Games is a publisher network of independent game designers and studios, and we’re proud to be supporting some of the most innovative artists in the world today. Can’t wait to play some of these new games we’re seeing in the pipeline right now! 🚀


And like we said before, everything is better together. Awake Games is home to the most fun, most diverse set of gamers from around the world.

Casual games, mobile games, console games, AR/VR games, pure audio experiences, multi-dimensional mixed reality, lovers of games of all types are invited to meet, exchange, and play together.

Young and old, men, women and everyone in between, of all colors and races, in the world of Awake Games, all blur into the last kill, or the next respawn 😉

The game starts now, you only live once.

This time.

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