Welcome to Toontype

Toontype is what you get when you take your 10 year old and his 6 year old brother (alleged associates), perhaps a little too seriously. You get an app that mixes and matches wonderfully imagined characters with existing ones from books, movies, and so on, allowing you to regale yourself with fan-faction created by kids and adults from all over the world.

Toontype is heaven for lovers of graphic novels and comics, and fan-fiction of all kinds as well as a neat space to meet amateur and budding professional creators from all over the world. Join today, see what characters you meet!

And who should join?

Toontype is a global membership network of the famous and not-so-famous content creators, bring along famous characters and their likenesses, as well as not-so-famous newly minted characters. Toontype members also include top media companies and platforms, curated entertainment brands and retailers, a network of local stores and venues, and of course, fans, ambassadors, and customers!

Content is King

Are you a content creator, perhaps a blogger or an influencer, a real social-media maven? If you’re into cartoons and comics and characters, apply to become a contributor today.

Age does not matter, we’re looking for the youngest artists as well as the veteran publishers. We’re starting with English, but we’re looking in all languages, so please reach out! And you can be anywhere in the world.

Get discovered, your characters and stories may be the next big thing!

Retail 2.0

If you have a cool store selling cool things related to games, movies, cartoons, comics, books, superheroes, and all the related things and services, get in touch!

We’re looking for online stores, but also offline stores, the Toontype digital network brings you a new level of Internet marketing and commerce.

Toontype and the Return of Monetization

And if you are a digital media company or even good old print media, we’re inviting you to join us immediately! The last few years have not been kind to news/media, what with the onslaught of Facebook and Google, and the decimation of advertising-driven revenue streams for most publishers.

No more! Toontype is built on the principle that media drives commerce, and is indeed designed as a market-network that brings revenue back to the real content creators, and not just to Big Tech social media platforms that in fact only aggregate and distribute the content.

Toontype believes that by providing real value to all participants in the network (or the market, as the case may be), the audience comes for more than just bits of content, and stays for the network itself, the knowledge and wisdom garnered, and of course, the most valuable asset of any platform – the other people.

This community and engagement is a breeding ground for value co-creation, and Toontype manifests that by sharing revenue and profit from all commercial activity within the platform.

The underlying Awake technology makes this a simple matter of dropping a pixel onto the media property, it works for both web and mobile. In a matter of minutes, media partners are enabled with a cutting-edge monetization engine that brings in revenue without having to get their hands dirty in the mechanics.

So if you’re a publisher in the area of all things Toontype-y, we’d love to hear from you!


Awake is a network of networks, and represents opportunities for any member who wishes to not just consume (make purchases), but to also produce (make products or help sell them).

The year 2020 will be known as the Year of Digital. In this new world of digitally native citizens and companies, while content will continue to reign supreme, e-commerce is the kingmaker. As the world furiously shifts towards technology and digital platforms for media and commerce, Toontype is taking the next big steps.

Toontype is designed to be an Awake Media Network.

What does it mean? It means that Toontype is open to working with Cosellers from around the world. Cosellers include customers, ambassadors and influencers, affiliates and resellers, and just about anyone with an Internet connection who wants to make money promoting products and services for anyone else on the Internet.

So if you’re in the industry of any thing Toontype-y, or indeed you’re an enthusiast who wants to become a Coseller, then here’s your ticket!

Toontype Takeoff

So while we’ve talked a lot about the business of Toontype, we’d like to remind everyone why this company was founded. To relax, and enjoy some comics, and meet creative people from all around the world, of all age groups.

Welcome to Toontype!

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