The Vision

I thought about this the other day. What is the one sentence version of the vision of Awake? How can I capture the essence, the enormity, as well as the simple clarity of Awake?

This is likely going to evolve somewhat over the coming weeks and months, but here’s where I started, and where we’ve stayed the course pretty much since the first team member joined me in 2019.

Global prosperity through democratized access to technology, capital, and markets.


I wrote it this way because what we do is very simple – Awake provides everyone direct access to technology, capital, and markets. And why do we do this? Because it is a prerequisite to acheiving global prosperity.

The how is the secret sauce.

Awake platforms create a new Internet for all participants of any market.

Here’s another vision statement I tried on for measure:

Self-actualization of human society, one entrepreneur at a time.


Again, this one is rooted in the why and what we do. Before calling it a take, I thought I’d try one more.

AwakeVC has a strong spiritual background, and is focused on some of the biggest challenges that face humanity today. We believe that by unlocking the potential of the human being, one can manifest miracles.

Awake is laser-focused on awakening the entrepreneur within, letting necessity, innovation, and the invisible hand accelerate our ascent into abundance.

Or perhaps said in a more concrete manner, focused on the digital reality we live in:

A borderless world economy powered by a secure and fair Internet that works for all.


Well, the mission statement is a bit of a work in progress, and in the meantime, we’re not slowing the work. We’ve designed and implmented some key components of Awake Land, with Shoptype among the first to see light of day.

More to come, I will write a mission statement next, that should be instructive. To me. I find that writing these actually helps me think about the landscape in much clearer terms that I might otherwise.

And what’s with the elephant and the balloon, you ask?

It’s because Awake does the heavylifting. Welcome aboard!

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