Awake Me and You

Who Am I?

The eternal question. And the most fundamental.

An ID is something we all take for granted in the real world – drivers license, passport, social security number, PAN Card, or whatever your local and national government uses. Identity is just as important on the Internet, only much harder to handle, because the person is physically absent.

This is also why, for sensitive use cases that involve regulation and compliance because they handle money, confirming the identity of all parties is critically important. There are many trusted KYC/AML providers available today that can help businesses verify their customer information.

This post is about something simpler, and something that arises even before the question of identify verification. We’re talking about identity management itself.

What is often missed in the question of identity management is the question of the issuer.

For instance, when someone claims to be @amitrathore, how does one verify this claim?

In this case, the issuer of the identity was Twitter, and one would need to check with them. Or perhaps there was a Facebook login, and you now have a Facebook ID that you’re using to track your user.

So the question of identity is really a question of managing users, and their avatars.

Avatar vs Actual

Who are you?

Are you the one described on Facebook? Or on LinkedIn? Or on Snap? Or on TikTok?

I for one, am none of these. I have profiles on all the major social media platforms, and also on various transactional platforms on the Internet. And in truth, I am none of those profiles, they are mere avatars of my true self.

For I am I. I am me.

Introducing Awake Me

Awake is a collection of protocols that create a new, unified Internet for modern digital businesses.

The Awake Market Protocol represents multi-party markets with full attribution and real-time settlement. And Shoptype is a 1-click cloud that implements the Awake Market Protocol, connecting anyone (and any of their avatars across Shopify, WooCommerce, et al, into the great market of all, the Internet).

Awake Me is the doorway into Awake Land, a wonderful garden without walled gardens where the real Internet exists in the form that was hoped for when it was designed – a truly open Internet where anyone can connect to anyone else and directly do business with each other without anyone in the middle dictating how.

And a place of safety and privacy where anyone could work or play, without fear of loss, and where all counterparties could trust the system to ensure transactions were fairly settled.

A new kind of Internet account, one that comes with built-in protections against hackers and extractive platforms, and special technology magic that allows users to participate in a whole new global digital economy we call Awake.

We the 99%

While everyone knows what the recent references to “one percent” signifies, we’re building something for the rest of us, the 99%.

Awake Me not only packs some seriously nifty Internet convenience thanks to seamless identity management, password less authentication and Universal Login, built-in wallets, and so on, but plugs you directly into a world of Internet media and commerce monetization.

Awake Me is a gateway to work.

Awake Me is a new type of citizenship, a digital citizenship to an Awake Internet, where not only is it that the Network is the Market, but where You Are the Network.

We are in super early access mode, but large scale app development is possible with it Awake Me already, and Shoptype is itself built on top of it.

The new 1%.

And while we serve the 99%, because we serve our true selves, what of the 1%? That is the membership fee Awake Me charges, if and only if should we bring you the opportunity to make you some money for yourself. All features are free, and the monetization opportunities are yours to capitalize on.

App Developers

Awake Me packs a powerful developer API punch.

Launch your own version of Awake Me itself, an identity management service for your own suite of applications for your organization. Awake Me has powerful white-label capabilities, while also empowering your engineering teams to go 10X faster.

Integrated messaging, publishing, and payments make up the rest.

Things you get

Authentication – Authenticate your users against nearly all cloud identity providers. You can just as easily integrate APIs for everything needed to authenticate users natively

Login Provider – Developers can use Awake Me as a login provider along with other social logins like Facebook, Google etc. 

User Management and Analytics – Organizations can see the analytics related to all users in their dashboard.

Single Sign On – SSO provides a seamless experience for users when using your applications and services. Instead of having to remember separate sets of credentials for each, users can simply login once and access your full suite of applications instantly. Awake Me can help developers configure SSO for their applications. 

Universal Login – If you have multiple applications, Awake Me can help you get all your applications under one roof and get your users authenticated against your universal database. 

Multi-Factor Authentication – With Awake Me, developers can configure MFA for their apps for additional security.

And perhaps the best for last.

AI-powered Avatars

We are never truly ourselves online.

We are different on Facebook, different on LinkedIn, different on Twitter.

So why not be really different?

What is common between these people?

Unlimited avatars, for all your needs, under a single convenient wallet/login. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, an influencer, a gamer, or anyone else – you can now be anyone you like.

And in this day and age of emergent sensitivity, you can now be any race or gender you want! None of these people above exist in the real world whatsoever, and are indistinguishable from photos of regular people. The age of consumer-level deepfake technology is upon us.

So Awake!

Awake from your slumber of the old Internet, and join new Awake networks! And if you’re looking for early access to the developer support or any other enquiries, reach out

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