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The Universe began from the Primordial Atom.

The quality of the Primordial Atom is very important, it is the same principle as that of the seed.

One can not expect mangoes from a tree that sprang out of a plum seed.

What one sows, one reaps.

This is the Law of the Universe.

Take sunlight. Life is dependent on the Sun, which is accessed as sunlight. Without the sunlight, nothing can grow. And the absence of sunlight, and the resulting darkness of night time is also essential for life to thrive.

This is the yin and yang of the Universe, representing the essential nature of sunlight as a causal factor in the presence of Life. Thus, one may say that this Universe is in fact a play of light alone. The sun therefore, is the primordial seed for this manifestation.

Think about it – a single sun, and an infinite variety of life – none of which are separate from the sun, for it is the ultimate cause. As one sows, one reaps. A mango seed gives birth to a mango tree, which can only produce mangos.

In this same manner, as the primordial seed, the ultimate nature of our universe is Light. We know all this because the same light enables us to see all this with clarity.

Without light, there can be no seeing, no observation.

Awake is built upon the primordial seed of Seeing.

The Invisible Internet

The past 30 plus years of the Internet have been built upon the principle of walled gardens.

Think about the Universe. Our knowledge of it is restricted to what we can sense.

Unless you are a Big Tech company, the Internet today is a world of individual islands that include Facebook, Snap, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, and so on. And if you’re a micro or small to medium (MSME) business, you will find that this collection of gatekeepers of the Internet charge a very pretty penny to do business with.

We call these platforms the “modern Internet”.

There are places on our planet where people who do not have access to the Internet (by their own admission) spend significant time on Facebook and WhatsApp every day, via the built-in app on their semi-smartphone. Modern Internet businesses need to be compatible with wherever people are, on all the social platforms, for what else constitutes the modern Internet?

Indeed, what does? What does it mean “to become the gatekeepers of the Internet”? What are they gatekeeping?

This is the great cosmic joke of the Internet. What is underneath all these platforms? What is it that they so jealously guard? The answer to the riddle is: nothing. The users of the Internet, you and me, as users of these giant platforms are their only product.

The social platforms hide us from each other.

They claim to connect us to each other, but in truth, they do just the opposite.

For instance: if you post a piece of content on Facebook, and it is viewed 1M times by Facebook users, you can not know who those people were. The reason this information is hidden from you is because if you want to access it, you’d need to pay to do so. And even then, your access would remain at the aggregate level, not at the individual level.

So this is what the social platforms make invisible.

The “modern” Internet platforms all make us, their own users, invisible from each other. Even though you create something and post it on their platforms, they won’t tell you who consumed it. Your own content, your own audience, and yet … very unsocial platform behavior.

The Visible Internet

The reason we talk about the invisible Internet is because the entire universe of businesses so far have been built under the shadow of this invisibility cloak. Not only is the reliance on this hiding of data required for the platforms to keep up their market valuations, but it is fundamental to their business model in its entirety.

The Awake HTTP protocols make the invisible, entirely visible.

For the past 30 plus years of the existence of the World Wide Web, there has been no solution to the walled garden problem, which has resulted in what has become known as The Attribution Problem. The entire media and commerce industry is based on this, and digital marketing affects 42% of the world’s economy, that is over $40T a year, growing to double that over the next 10 years.

Until now, no one has solved multi-touch attribution on the Internet.

Awake represents a new kind of seeing.

The walled gardens on the open Internet ought to be a contradiction in terms, and it has not been so because of the missing element: Full Meta-Network Attribution. A set of critical patents are about to change the course of the basic Internet, at a very basic level: HTTP.

This implies that without any change needed on the part of any network participant, suddenly, in the presence of Awake, no Internet platform can hide data from the operator.

This implies that all the arbitrage built upon the back of users’ data and users’ efforts suddenly vanishes.

This implies that anyone who uses Awake technology to see inside the Internet is able to do so without interference by the platforms or anyone else, and are able to create whole new cash flow driven business models, where said platforms suddenly play no role beyond sharing digital content.


What happens in a world where something meant to be secret, is no more a secret?

What happens when no one on the Internet can hide information about one’s media?

What happens to businesses suddenly freed from having to pay upfront for advertising and marketing, and basic access to people?

What happens when anyone anywhere around the world can directly get full attribution for their effort in any sale anywhere else at anytime?

What happens when the cost and friction of doing business online vanish?

What happens when all software needed to run a modern Internet business is suddenly free?

What happens if a bunch of enlightened and wealthy investors came together to power the future of everything touched by this unraveling of the Internet?

What happens when the Internet is no longer a dark place with unequal access to data, and the existing network effect is no more?

What does an Awake Internet look like?

An Internet that is truly open, and where businesses and individuals alike own, control, and share their data for their own benefit.

An Internet where no platform can hide your information from you, and where value is clearly attributed for any activity you perform that benefits anyone else.

An Internet with a built-in attribution layer and real-time settlement that enables True Social Commerce at global scale.

From a historical perspective, Awake represents a shift similar to when the Internet was first created, and later HTTP/WWW, followed by digital payments, and most recently blockchain/DLT.

Awake One

AwakeVC or Awakened Value Co-creation is a private equity holding company.

AwakeVC is powered by several AI/fintech platforms that leverage media and commerce into a super cloud, a platform that powers platforms for the future of work, life, and play.

Awake technology is designed and managed as an ecosystem of companies, each representing a protocol for the modern Internet, where any netizen is equal and can self-actualize their potential, with Awake representing the birth of the passion economy and its journey to the entrepreneurship economy.

AwakeVC is creating 1M technology companies, and 100M jobs, in doing our part to recreate a new economy, one that is inclusive by design, and works for everyone.

One of Awake’s key platforms is Shoptype, a cloud service that represents the Awake Market Protocol. An Awake Market represents the collection of all actors in any given industry, and reconfigures media and commerce in the new image of Awake.

Shoptype is a new 1-click meta-cloud that rewires the world of digital media and commerce into a new topology. Awake is also launching the first dozen or so companies built on top of this core technology, and these are Awake Media Market Networks in various verticals, starting with wine & spirits, cannabis, fashion, video games and e-sports, wellness, training, and many more.

The core identity layer is represented by Awake.Me, a cool new programmatic way to manage Identity on the modern Internet.

Including custom avatars for everyone powered by deepfake-AI. Who is real, who is not? If you don’t have built-in KYC for your users, perhaps time to rethink that?

What happens when technology is no longer a competitive advantage?

What happens if everything is priced at free-to-use, pay-later-for-value?

Awake represents the abundance of the universe – we build for everyone – no one is left behind.

We are Awake.

Join the Awake Family to create the future of jobs and the future of humanity. Awake One is an evergreen private equity vehicle transforming human society at a time of need. We’re working with some of the world’s most enlightened value creators across the planet – from Silicon Valley to India to EU and the Middle East and Africa. Join the awakening.

Welcome to Humanity 2.0.

Welcome to Awake.

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