The Economy is Work

What is “the economy”?

People buying and selling.

For sellers to be, there must a buyer be.

The economy is thus buyers.

Who’s buying?


For people to buy things, they need money.

If people need $4000 a month to run a family in the United States, and if government paid everyone $4000 a month for six months, what is expected to happen next?

Job Creation

Stimulus costs money. Literally.

And stimulus better result in jobs, else the money just moves from the have-nots to the haves, or perhaps more accurately from the renter class to the owner class.

This trend is going to accelerate because of the post-COVID liquidity crunch yet to happen. We have not yet seen the waves of job losses that are about to come in the next few quarters. These are extraordinary times.

Awake is working with local political leaders and administrators in many parts of the world to create a uniquely efficient way to apply stimulus to their economies. More on this shortly.

I wrote in early 2019, over a year ago – we needed 100M new jobs, from the onslaught of AI and Climate Change. In these post-COVID times, we urgently need 500M jobs in 5 years – around the world, 50M to 100M in the United States alone.

Systemic overflow of pent up frustration about ineqality can be kept at bay for a very long time by throwing just enough bread crumbs to the worker class, keeping them busy running to make ends meet, not realizing the real game. But not forever, and I’ve written about this before.

Value vs. Money

In order to create jobs, one needs to create value.

Value represents a transaction, which was net positive. This profit is a measure of value.

There are other measures, of course, such as artistic satisfaction and social responsibility.

To create jobs, however, the metric is profit.

A government has to choose – does it want to offer people money, or value?

Enabling Markets

The very fact that we’re talking about this alongside the role of government already implies that there is no real thing such as a free market.

The job of any government, however, ought to be maintaining fairness and equity to all citizens, regardless of financial size. Thus anti-monopoly policy, for instance, is to be commended.

Why is this important?

Because most businesses are micro and small enterprises, and maybe medium.

Beyond a certain point, Big Business functions as a tax against the rest of market participants.

The job of the government is to prevent Big Business from messing with the engine of job creation – The Free Market.

The Internet is the Market

Software is eating the world at astonishing pace.

Everything is connected to the Internet – the Inter-Network of digital networks.

In the modern world, the job of government becomes very simple.

By ensure an open Internet, governments can keep the engine of growth chugging along.

Awake delivers a fundamentally new and open Internet.

Awake Protocols remove the effect of walled gardens on the Internet.

Basis of Value

What happens when a system that has been built on a set of assumptions suddenly finds that those assumptions are no longer valid?

For instance, if RSA or a similarly widely used and replied upon encryption algorithm were to suddenly be cracked, the security we replied upon suddenly would vanish instantly. And a new world would be thrust upon us, whether we’re ready for it or not. The one who created the crack for the algorithm could potentially make a lot of money with that innovation. And given how fundamental encryption is to the world of digital banking and online commerce, it would create a pretty big reorganization of the world’s wealth.

Bitcoin was the same way. It was a fundamentally new thing, and that in itself has value, but it represented a way to capture value into a tangible thing. Digital Gold. If you believe in gold as a store of value, then why not BTC?

Liquidity is Lightning

Awake Protocols enable a new type of value.

Awake captures value represented by an exchange between a buyer and seller. This exchange is the source of profit, and everything Awake deals with has to do with this exchange.

The power of being able to consumate an exchange – to use something you have to obtain something you need – this is the buying power one talks about.

This buying power manifests as transactions, Awake captures this lightning in a bottle. Awake gathers this raw buying power, and channels it it into jobs.

This buying power is amplified using a natural human activity – networking – to create the viral effect our world needs right now – the virus of profitable economic activity and trade.

Awake represents the unleashed animal spirits of the Market, derived from the underlying Inter-Network of Networks, connected on a free and frictionless digital fabric.

Jobs 1.0

The Internet is built upon a fundamental assumption.

That the Attribution Problem remain unsolved.

That is to say, in a fractured digital environment (due to platform fragmentation), one can not reliably track users across networks, much less their activity.

Facebook, Google, et al, who are all media companies for all practical purposes have divided the Internet into islands, or walled gardens.

Their business model is very rich: only about 2-3% of online marketing actually converts into sales. We’re having to pay them two whole orders of magnitude more money than what actually works!

Businesses have to do this all day, every day.

Because there is no alternative.

And in the meantime, as small business suffers, Big Tech gets bigger all the time.

Big Tech is worth trillions of dollars, and are poised to go 10X higher over the next 10 years, as the impact of this humanitarian crisis unfolds, particularly after coronavirus lockdowns.

If we can change the basis of this Big Tech domniation, and make the Internet work for everyone without mind to the size of the players, such as what a true free market ought to be, then we’d be in business! After all, a government ought be able to stop the Facebooks of the world from this type of incredibly one-sided accumulation, but despite being technocrats and capitalists, society has not yet figured a way out.

This the Jobs 1.0 model, a near feudal world of tech domination, where jobs are fragile, dependent as they are on the whims of platform overlords.

In the new world, however, this changes entirely. If the old world of the Internet is Jobs 1.0, we’re about to enter hyperdrive.

First, a final note on the current situation.

Walled Gardens

The modern Internet today is basically a handful of social and search platforms, each their own walled garden.

To be specific: Facebook and other social media platforms hide information from their users, even if the information is about something they did. For instance, if a business shares an article or a post on Facebook, there is no way of knowing all the Facebook members that engaged with it in any way. Sure, you get aggregate statistics, but no information on specific people.

As we saw, when networks are able to create walled gardens and hide data about certain activity, they create extractive toll gates.

Awake creates a new type of digital network.

The Internet is full of networks, all powered by the HTTP protocol.

Awake Market Networks are also powered by HTTP, but thanks to an application layer protocol stack, Awake Networks are Walled-Garden-Proof. This means Facebook and other networks can not hide user data and user activity from Awake.

Jobs 2.0

This creates a fundamental shift on the Internet.

Suddenly, size of existing networks or businesses do not matter.

Awake enables a massively global, interconnected network of networks where platforms are not in the way of any data flow or activity flow or transaction flow.

A gap has always existed on the Internet – the absence of multi-touch attribution made it trivial for large networks to play the artibrage game, and they have siphoned trillions of dollars worldwide from real world businesses, mostly SMEs, money that would otherwise have gone to the makers and distributors of products and services, and not to just make the platforms richer and richer for more and more marginal work.

In the new Awake world, this arbitrage disappears.

Awake enables everyone to work together, and enables everyone to make money together.

Awake represents a fundamental reorganization of marketing and commerce on the Internet.

Each Awake Market Network creates hundreds and thousands of jobs nationwide and globally.

Awake Market Networks are launching across all verticals – any product or service that can be sold via referral sales is game.

When fixed costs suddenly vanish, new business models and markets are created. Awake represents his fundamental rewiring of digital media and commerce.

Awake is able to create jobs across production (makers and manufacturers) as well as distribution (media companies and influencers), and this is now happening in multiple countries around the world.

Awake is easy, free, and comprehensive.

Elections 2020 – 2021

What if a government was able to wield the power of an Awake Market Network?

Many believe that governments do not know business.

Many believe that government has no idea how to create a market or an economy.

Awake begs to differ.

What if a government became a market maker?

All a government has to do to become the most efficient value creator in the universe is to ensure the functioning of a digital open market – powered by the regular Internet.

Awake World Leadership

Citizens the world over are demanding leadership. Change is in the air.

Politics is always about the economy, and the economy is about jobs. People need work.

Providing work and creating jobs requires value creation, which we have seen is now availalbe to anyone who understands what Awake represents.

Awake is a 1-click way to kickstart a stimulus plan using a data-driven network market.

An Awake Market Network connects makers, distributors, buyers, financiers, logistics and everyone in the middle and around into a single high-speed network that settles in real-time.

Awake Market Networks are Value-Creation Engines.

What if a government invested in a closed loop market network that spanned their constituencies and bridged them to a global digital free market?

What if very citizen in these constituencies, who wanted to could work, could do so across the market network, and get paid for any productive activity that drove a sale?

What if jobs became instantly plentiful in any industry that joined the network, and markets were instantly accessible to everyone?

This is possible now, 1-click with Awake. Pick any industry.

Who will you see elected?

And who will become history – along with the rest of the past?


We’re already gearing up to engage with political leaders from all sides – in the United States, India, Korea, Canada, and also countries in LATAM and EMEA. Reach out today, and see how to generate hundreds of thousands of jobs in your districts.

Just Imagine.

Imagine the Power of Customers turned Cosellers to embrace Awake Coseller Experience (ACE).

Imagine the Power of Media to bring in Millions and Millions of their subscribers, journalists, and everyone who wants to be a Coseller to embrace Awake Coseller Experience (ACE).

Imagine the Power of Networking companies to bring in millions of followers as Cosellers to embrace Awake Coseller Experience (ACE).

Imagine the Power of Opentangle to pinpoint every Coseller who has contributed to the SALE of a product and RIGHTLY attribute payments to Coseller on Awake Coseller Experience (ACE).

Imagine the power of Awake.

Imagine no more.


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