AwakeVC Halo

Are you looking to launch a startup, or are in process of launching one?

Are you a successful business-person (or a real artist), and are missing a technology cofounder?

Are you a technology or product focused leader, looking for a business partner to handle the marketing and sales side of building a company?

AwakeVC Halo

Founding a startup is an extraordinary journey.

Some of us have done it over and over again.

Creating wealth is only one small part of doing it, it is the thrill of creating new markets, and the satisfaction of creating jobs and value.

It takes a lot to create a succesful company, like it takes a village to raise a child. It isn’t always easy to find the right help, the right resources, the right advice. It is usually very difficult to find competent and compatible leaders to scale the business.

AwakeVC Halo is a new program for globally-focused, globally distributed early-stage startups and Founders-in-Residence.

Escape Velocity

Life is a simple math equation.

1 + 1 = 2.

If you can reliably produce more than 2, you have a sustainable business.

If you can reliably produce much more than 2, you can scale the business.

If you can make 1 + 1 = 11, then we have the magic needed to go not only into outerspace, but to create new dimensions of reality.

So it is all about getting to escape velocity.

And the energy needed to accelerate is the growth rate of your free cash flow.

So how to get acceleration?

Tatooine and Value

The planet of Tatooine is to the galaxy what a small rural village is to our planet.

No one really lived there, and people had weird pastimes.

And even though the broader economy of the galaxy didn’t really mean anything to the population, a little boy from Tatooine (and then his son later on) went on to change the course of time and space.

How did such transformations happen?

There is no try

AwakeVC Halo is a very simple program.

Creating something from nothing is a question of mind over matter.

We work with early stage founders because training the mind of the founder is as important as anything else. Far more important, to be precise.

What has to be manifested has to come from nothing. And it must sustain itself.

There are two narratives about giving birth to this something from nothing.

The first one has the founder puring their life and soul and energy into the new startup, and figuring out a way to build liquidity, that life force of the universe, slowly but surely until it has enough momentum to accelerate.

The other narrative is the founder that is able to channel the very life force to create new life.

The life force of liquidity and resources is everywhere.

The world just printed trillions of dollars, for instance. And even before that, it was the best times in economic terms ever.

So what is the problem in channeling all this energy?

Indeed, it is the founder who must do this, and must learn to make something from nothing.

This life force, this liquidity is not just cash, it comes in infinite form – credits, deals, free marketing, access to markets , in-kind services, partnerships, and unlimited other creative ways to make 2+2 = 3 if not more.

Awakened Value Co-creation

Halo sucks early stage founders and leadership teams into the AwakeVC orbit.

We know that anyone can channel the force.

We know that the next Jedi Master can arise anywhere, and we recognize the force in them.

We help founders train their mind, we help them manifest new worlds.

With Halo, early stage companies experience what it means to say there is no try.

When a startup enters the halo of AwakeVC, the acceleration is organic.

We focus teams on traction and profitable free cash flow.

Halo is the Shuttle Carrying Aircraft that NASA uses to transport shuttles into the upper atmosphere so they can take off into the depths of space.

Driven by cash flows and liquidity, AwakeVC Halo creates a revenue-driven runway that allows for take-off and escape velocity.

Applying to AwakeVC Halo

Are you a good fit?

Awake has no pre-conceived ideas about new worlds that are being created all over.

Applying to AwakeVC Halo is very simple.

You ask an AwakeVC Fellow or an existing AwakeVC Halo company founder to make an intro.

We look forward to hearing from you, and co-creating the future together! 🚀

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