Brand is not Business

A Business can become a Brand, however.

This is the basic thesis of Awake.

Awake is about freedom, and indie brands need financial independence, most of all. Once you are in control of your own desiny, then you are free to create any number of brands and products and services.

So it all begins with financial sustenance.

High Failure Rates of MSME

Why do so many businesses fail? Particularly at the early stages? When they are still “micro, small, and medium enterprises”.

Because these businesses want to be something, born from the idea, the spark in the heart or mind of the creator. And ah, how perfect it shall be!

This is not unlike wanting to run a restaurant someday, a halcyon place of high society intellectuals and well to do patrons, harmoniously using the premises as a second home, making it a buzzing center of community. And of course, reality, the harsh mistress of the dreamers. Life is not easy, and happy dreams only manifest on the back of excruciating pain.

Unfortunately, most do not have the wherewithall to survive this most basic of nature’s asks … be profitable.

What is sadder still is that it doesn’t have to be this way at all. By simply seeing the world a little differently, from a different point of view, the same situation and ideas can be made to manifest differently.

Afterall, what can’t be cured with a change in perspective?

What if there was another way?

Make Something People Want

This will seem rather anti-brand.

Successful brands come from not being about the brand at all, because after all, that is very much a conversation about what they are, what they want to be, and more about them.

Instead, the best brands are the businesses that simply make it about the customers. They make it about the ecosystem of makers and vendors, the distrubutors and retailers, the fans and evangelists. They celebrate them.

And they make them what they want.

They satisfy them. They make them feel good, they deliver.

They deliver value, which is tangible and measurable in profitable gross margins.

And in return for this bargain, they get the customers’ appreciation and even loyalty.

This loyalty is the brand.

There is no other type of brand, anywhere.

Unless you mean the one in imagination of the business owner, who is likely a better artist, than an entrepreneur.

Mr. Market

The bargain is also struck with the market, an unmerciful god perhaps, but entirely impersonal like any true god.

If the market is satisfied, the liquidity will flow.

This is a Universal Law that can be religiously relied upon to bear fruit.

To launch a brand with this clarity is a simple case of working for Mr. Market, doing all the basic things one needs to create a positive gross margin. Keeping the P&L in mind is all it takes to forge ahead, it is the very light that guides the journey.

Why go anywhere without liquidity?

And the eternal spring of liquidity is right here, all around us.

Just make something people want.

Robots and Artists

And if you’re not just a left-brained number-crunching business-minded money-grubbing capitalist, and are in fact an artist, then have someone else do the tedium of the business.

It is easy to do the business part, to be honest.

Any above described automaton could do it.

At Shoptype, we’ve built several such robotic AI-powered helpers, made them Awake so to speak. After all, there are many ways to go from here to there, what’s important is that one has clarity about one’s heading, and that one knows where there is.

At Awake, we’re creating an ecosystem where all the independent aspects of any activity or business is done by the people who find that interesting, or by AI that makes things more efficient.

Living in Awake Land means an artist could be a business.

All pictures here are graffiti … can you think of ways to monetize graffiti artists? Email
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