The Awake Organism

I began this post with “Organization 2.0”, which I do like, and it will be the topic of many posts. But today is about Awake itself.

Awake is not just a company, it is an approach to life, work, and play.

Awake is a philosophy of Living. And true living means to live with Freedom. And True Freedom is Living with Awareness. So Awake is about Conscious Living.

Awake is Applied Consciousness.

Awake is a Conscious Organism.

Waking Dream of Life

AI/ML and fintech are mere tools of the trade. Media and commerce are the channels through which the world is lived. And networks of human beings that connect amongst it all.

Awake is the network of networks. A great marketplace of marketplaces, Awake brings together all the technology elements into a single global cloudbased infrastructure.

Composed of many networks, the Awake company is a network of companies.

The Macro is the Micro

Nodes in the Awake Network are people and other Awake Networks.

Anyone or any company can launch an Awake Network or join an existing one.

The software is free of cost. Transactions generate revenue for all parties in the chain of commerce as well as in the chain of influence. Across the modern Internet, regardless of country or color or income level, anyone can connect and turn positive action into a living.

The more the focused action, the larger the network grows, enabling limitless ambition of mankind. The need of the hour is a new economy, and hundreds of millions of jobs. The way to solve for this is to make it drop dead easy to launch a company.

Awake will co-create 1M networks in the next few years, that will generate 100M jobs.

What will you launch?

People are the Network

What does this mean for company organization and process and planning and predictability and all those things?

Awake is a protocol company.

The core protocols define our mission.

Freedom Protocol

Awake Me. Join the Awake Family.

Everyone gets Awake Money and AwakeX wallets on day one.

Agreements cover pre-paid payments and schedules, as well as percentage sharing of revenue and profits. It ranges from 5% to 30% or more. More on this later. Payments automatically accumulate in the multi-currency Awake Money wallet.

Agreements also cover equity compensation which accumulates in the CoVC wallet.

Network Protocol

Nodes compose networks, and can belong to multiple networks.

What does it mean to belong to a network?

In specific, it means being connected to other nodes.

Awake Network is the network for networks, and a network of networks.

And Awake companies are networks. They are nodes in the Awake Network.

People are also nodes, and belong to various Awake Networks, doing various agreed upon, and not agreed upon activity. Both types of activity is automatically recognized and appropriate payouts for the exact value created are paid out, not just to the node that was directly responsible, but to all the nodes that were indirectly responsible.

This second aspect of indirect attribution is important because networks grow through introductions and referrals. Awake Networks track both direct and indirect attribution automatically, ensuring that direct and indirect value is captured and shared exactly as articulated in each Network Protocol.

Market Protocol

The network only makes money when someone buys something. The seller makes money, and the one who faciliated the trade makes money.

How much? As arranged previously within the Network.

Why? Because Freedom Protocol.

Value Co-creation Protocol

So how does AwakeVC organize companies?

There are several levels of nodes within Awake. These are what we call them, others are free to call them anything they like. It is just a protocol.

So the levels are Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, and so on.

Each level is in relation to only a particular Awake Network, and nodes can belong to various networks at different levels.

Level Zero is the network itself, in this case AwakeVC.

Level One is for founders and management.

Level Two is for individual contributors and managers.

Level Three is for part-timers and partners.

Level Four is for various types of members.

We set target compensation for each node based on their contribution to the Awake Network, and nodes are free to accumlate this from across their participation at various levels in various Awake Networks.

Who is the employer?

Each node is paid by various networks directly, so technically there are multiple employer. For convenience Awake Corp manages plumbing across legal, accounting, benefits, IP, etc.

What is the company?

A company is a network, the owners of the network, the cash flows of the network, as well as any assets or liabilities. Since it is managed digitally, it is transparent and easy. And inexpensive.

Standard vesting schedules apply across all roles and all networks.

Individuals can rely upon the predictability of various Level Payouts, and are free to drive significant amounts of cash flows to themselves across all networks they participate in around the world.

Who is an Awake Observer?

The Awake Observers are a small, invite-only global network of individuals who work behind the scenes and on the frontlines to create value around the world.

What is value? Awake answer: if you have to ask, then it is not. And if does not involve a human being, then it is not.

The Awake Council of Observers meets quarterly in person, and Observers are invited to various board meetings across Awake companies. There is no application process to join the Council, and there is no formal role or responsibility for any Awake Observer, and compensation is often entirely non-linear with respect to this fact.

Who is an Awake Fellow?

The Awake Fellowship is a global network of people that co-create value with others across the Awake ecosystem. They’re appear at various levels across various networks.

These are accomplished leaders in their respective fields, and are often serial entrepreneurs, manage large portfolios, or are just plain doers.

Awake Fellow is an honorific title, and if granted membership, each Fellow directly lands into a level with any network they work with.

Freedom is Freedom

The root of all activity is to be free of having to do activity.

When activity is itself seen as fredom, one is already free.

Awake makes it drop dead easy to monetize your activity.

If you do more, and affect more nodes in your networks, you will create a lot of value for yourself, wherever you may be in the world, no matter what you look like (deepfake tools are also coming).

Awake Protocols represent freedom of movement, of ideas, of talent, of products and services, of money, and of people.

In a world where so few have so much, Awake creates a level playing field where anyone can win if they choose to participate in any network, or indeed, to launch their own.

Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Awake is like magic.

When I started AwakeVC in March of 2019, I wrote about wanting to create 100M jobs because the world would be in need of them, thanks to climate change and AI. Remember those quaint problems? I wrote about doing it in 10 years by creating 1M technology companies. I wrote about digital and decentralization and the coming future of abundance. I assumed we would need to convince people.

Mother Nature woke us all up in a way Awake doesn’t need to.

Awake is about to create 100M jobs in no time.

Shoptype is just the tip of the iceberg.


AwakeVC is about Consciousness and Value Co-creation.

Value is created by people, so Awake is intensely about People.

Value is created either by Making then Selling something, or by helping someone Make or Sell. There is also Distributing, which includes telling people about it, and actually Fulfiling the said Value. So Awake is also about the Makers, the Sellers, the Distributors, and the Fulfillers. People that facilitate value creation and consumption help distribute.

Of course, Value is only as beheld by the eye of the Buyer. So Awake is about the Consumer.

Awake is about all the nodes in all the networks of value, and all about the inhabitants of these nodes.

Awake is all People.

People can either be about themselves, or about the networks they belong to.

Both models work in the world at large, Awake is for the latter.

Awake is about Co-creation.

In the world of co-creation, there are no guarantees, no security. These notions are replaced with unlimited freedom and upside. Awake is about enablement and empowerment.

Culture is Consciousness.

Awake is about Self-Actualization.

Awake offers everyone all the software they could possibly need to run a modern Internet business. Awake plugs anyone into global markets of markets, populated by networks of networks.

In this global and digital Consciousness, culture is of enablement and freedom and mutual respect and of community-powered networks of value co-creation.

Awake is a culture of Action.

We take the world from the Attention Economy to the Action Economy.

Awake is a culture of Order.

We create open networks where anyone can join and thrive without artificial limits. The technology manages compliance and regulation and AI and all the other corporatey things that get in the way of just creating value.

We are a network of people, and Awake is nothing but these people.

And as such, as members of Awake Networks, the network is for the network.

Awake is this culture of cohabitation.

Awake is a culture of cooperation over competition.

Awake is a culture of Intelligence.

Awake is a culture of Value, which can only happen when all members of the network find satisfaction.

Awake is a culture of mindfulness, which of course leads to Conscious Activity, and Conscious Living.

I welcome you to an Awake future, now.

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