Awake and Games

One of my absolute favorite media market networks planned for 2020 is fast approaching launch, and I can barely contain my excitement 😁🚀🚀🚀!

I’ve always been a video gamer, not the hard core type, but lightly intense. Not entirely sure what the categories are, or where on the spectrum I fall.

I do own a 20-sided dice. Age of Empires (part II of course) is still one of my top multiplayer games, particularly Defend the Wonder mod. Oh well.

Old school is still the most fun!

Awake Games

So when Awake Games launches in the next few days, I’m going to be first in line to buy something. And what might this purchase be, you may ask?

What indeed is the launch product that Awake Games has managed to snag?

From PlayStation to PlayTable

I already own four consoles. Nintendo and Sony. Never really got into Microsoft consoles even though I enjoyed Halo with friends, and did in fact finish Halo I and II.

Awake Games is helping launch a new type of console, one that brought back memories of growing up around board games, while also dealing with the reality of today’s post-COVID stay-at-home world.

Introducing PlayTable!

An extraordinary device, for extraordinary fun times!

Awake Games has an exclusive price deal, so check it out today!

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