Disruptors Wanted

Awake is a set of protocols that rewire the Internet.

It enables different construction, with a different philosophy.

Depending on who you ask, it’s either disruption, or mere innovation.

Awake is also a set of tools. Shoptype is the beginning, the Awake Market Protocol.

Awake.Me is coming next month, the Awake Identity Protocol.

Awake Chat, Awake Money, Awake Network. And other basic abstractions of the modern Internet. AwakeOS to tie it together.

Awake enables new market networks, and dozens are launching this year in 2020.

And we’re looking to unlock and share the abundance.

Awake Summer of Code

We’re looking for Dreamers. We’re looking for Doers. We’re looking for Disruptors.

We’re looking for 10X engineers and designers. And 10X product managers and marketers.

We’re looking for deal makers and game changers.

A new revolution is underway.

A software layer that’s 100X more productive for startups. An entrepreneurship model that’s an order of magnitude more effective at finding product/market fit. Integrated strategy and capital raising functions.

AwakeVC is Awakened Value Co-creation.

Early access has been tremendous, and we’re looking to open the curtain just a little bit.

We’re seeking co-creators.

If you have that entrepreneurial streak in you, reach out today, and get matched to an early-stage opportunity to disrupt something. Make things happen for yourself.

The World is ever changing.

Nothing is static.

We’re here to accelerate You.

Got Awake?

Discover Awake and the future of tech-enabled Value Co-creation.

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